Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a New ME!!

I love to find every available reasons to celebrate this beautiful life, and what is the better excuse than my own birthday??

This year, I started early.

On the 31st October, instead of celebrating crazy Halloween, I invited 3 friends who share the same "birthweek" with me to my house for a self-celebration-birthday-breakfast-party in my garden. It's bliss to have my mum's fresh-from-the-oven-scones and cheesecake for breakfast, followed by "loh mee" for lunch.
We had great chat, laughter and tears. We shared secrets in the nice cool breeze.....

On the first day of my birthday month, En En and I persuaded mum to have early dinner. Why?? Because both of us want to make good use of my Haagen-Dazs Birthday Month 20% Discount Voucher. We can never resist ice-cream! We drove straight to Auto-City right after dinner. Despite heavy rain, taking home 4 pints of ice-cream is pure satisfying :-)

To make full use of Deepavali holiday, my colleagues had planned for birthday BBQ party for November "birthdayers", and of course, we invited Sasi too, since his birthday fall on Halloween. Thanks to James and his mum, we had great variety of extremely delicious food, and of course, great fun too! To our surprise, we can have the panoramic view of Kulim at Jame's house. When the clock strike 12am, Deepavali is officially announced with unstoppable fireworks!

Birthday present from Wah Chan
Wei Wei, En, Ah Chi, Ah Yuan and Ah Yao accompanied me to watch Megamind for my birthday-eve-celebration. As usual, we bombarded the cinema with our uncontrollable-unstoppable-laugh. After the movie, I collected my birthday present from Wah Chan. (OK, I think I really owe them an free advertisement: I bought a platinum necklace for Wei Wei as her graduation present a few years back. Ever since then, every year, I'll receive an absolutely free birthday present from them. Really, no purchase required! From time to time, I'll receive cards/sms regarding the members' day special. Of course, if you plan to buy some gold or real jewelries, they will give members some 50%~70% discount. However, for non-jewellery lovers like me, you can always go for free gifts, free Starbucks coffee and free sandwiches. I've had a lot of free stuffs at Gurney Plaza Wah Chan for these few years.)

I went for meeting / training as usual, and had another round of birthday cake cutting and birthday song singing session on my birthday-eve. It's a simple celebration but it's sweet to have a group of highly-motivated-positive-thinking-enthusiasts around, singing super high pitch "恭祝你福寿与天齐......"

After the meeting, after our usual post-meeting drinking session, finally, we headed to Uncle Zack by the beach at Parkroyal Hotel.

Wei promised that I can "thong" her on my birthday (and I'm kind enough to remind her to set a budget for me before I decide where to go). With her budget, there are lots and lots of choices in Penang. However, with my new Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G (oh, yes, I do buy birthday present for myself every year), I am dying to test the lens. Uncle Zack definitely is the best choice -- good food at beachfront of Batu Ferringgi. Unfortunately, it changed from drizzling to raining by the time we reached Uncle Zack's. We have no choice but to move to Cool Banana. There's no sunset or romantic candle-light dinner photos to share here but at least I still have the food shots to show off :)
On the actual day of my birthday (finally!), we had breakfast in the garden (yes, AGAIN!). Wei made me a cup of latte to go with the mango cheese cake that mum made a day earlier. Not only that, mum also made "Chai Tou Kuih" (raddish cake) and "Gu Chai Deh" (leek pancake). I can't resist so I end up had breakfast and lunch in one meal.


My favorite - Gu Chai Deh

Mango Cheesecake

Chai Tou Kuih

After the unplanned brunch, Wei started to get bored. She insisted that she MUST go to hair saloon, almost IMMEDIATELY. Not that I dislike going to hair saloon, just that I didn't see the point to be rush. I am still enjoying the lazy Sunday morning.....

En En is kind enough, willing to be her driver. He dropped her at the hair saloon first while I took my time to shower, chit chat at FB, continue eating, reading newspaper etc. 

When I finally joined Wei at the hair saloon, I requested to have my hair style change, again. The hairdresser probably already run out of ideas on what to do with my head. I guessed that's why he asked his assistant to dye my hair first, and he will come back to me later (take some time to think??). However, I think he likes my adventurous. It must be fun for him to have one or two customers that always challenge him to create something different, or always willing to try something new. When he's cutting my hair, he kept on explaining the style "I made here more bob, here more layered, here longer etc etc etc". He must have thought that I love to change hairstyle because I love fashion. Sigh..... pity him. "Playing guitar to the cow". I love changing hairstyle simply because I love changes :p I hardly understand 80% of his hairstyle-talk actually.

Anyway, I love my new hairstyle. It made me feel fresh. It made me wanted to shout "It's a new me! It's a new me!" as Donald did.

For finale, mum introduced a new recipe -- "酿鸡翅"(Chicken wings with glutinous rice stuffing).

This is a snapshot of how I celebrated my birthday - never ending eating and never ending fun. I am never a real fan of my own birthday celebration actually. I enjoy more on planning birthday celebrations for others. However, I love the feeling that I know I'm loved. I love the fact that life is always full of surprises. I love the self-reminder that I'm a new me every single day.


薇薇 said...

can u do that hairstyle on your own at home??

Ying Ying 盈盈 said...

dunno wo, never try ;p

YinXin said...

I love your new hair!
and cheers to another Nov baby :)

Ying Ying 盈盈 said...

Thanks YinXin!!