Friday, September 30, 2016

Break-up and Make-up

Sheldon has kept The Big Bang Theory interesting for all these years in large part because his own evolution is interesting, thus resulting ShAmy's interesting evolution. They aren't perfect for each other just because they are the two biggest weirdos on the show, they are perfect because Amy has shown endless patience for Sheldon and Sheldon has shown willingness to try new things and try to make Amy happy.

However, like any relationships, they have their struggles. Finally, we see their love's roller coaster ride, just like everyone else.

Firstly Amy wanted to "take a break" and it turned into an actual breakup when Sheldon being selfish and immature. So what happens when a man with an IQ of 187 gets his heart broken? As it turns out: He acts just like an average person. Sheldon wallowed and whined; got angry, and petty. Sheldon continue to try to woo Amy instead of respecting her space......

After the anger / confuse period, he tried to move on. He took up fencing, he asked women out, and he got his heart broken again.....

1) They break up!!

2) The good way to move on

3) Heartbroken

Then, they tried to be friend again. They had such a great time together and it reminded Amy of all the good things between them. She wanted to be his girlfriend again but Sheldon said he can't. "Amy, I excel at many things, but getting over you wasn't one of them," he says. "I think I need to just be your friend."

4) Sheldon and Amy Try To Be Friends

5) Amy wants to get back together

Finally, Sheldon came into his realization. He needs Amy in his life. She makes him a better man. At first, it doesn't seem Sheldon learned much in the time he and Amy were broken up. But he finally learned to be able to more clearly express the way he feels, and learned to recognize the way he feels.

6) Sheldon and Amy Get Back Together

7) Special Gift
"Intimacy in any form has been challenging for me, but I'd like to show her how important she is, and it feels like now might be the right time." ~ Sheldon

Sheldon picked the best gift, again! "Amy's birthday present will be my genitals."

So Sheldon and Amy finally spent their first night together. There’s unfiltered joy and happiness. I love the "before scene", where Amy and Sheldon are quiet, tender, and adorably nervous. The writing is smart, the acting is perfect, and everything comes together just as it should.

We shall wait and see what happens next.....

Thursday, September 29, 2016


我们听说家香茶室好久了,这次终于找了个好借口,大伙儿约定了一个周末,大老远的到Pulau Betong吃海鲜去。

浮罗山背Pulau Betong淳朴渔村



由于是在渔村,我在开车往Pulau Betong的路上就一直想着煎炸小鱼,可惜家香老板说当天没小鱼,我们最后乖乖点了一尾红鱼。我想吃lala、balitong之类的蚌类也没了,下次真的得提早到达。



家香豆腐 - RM9

Salumi - RM8 

红鱼江山美人 - RM40

大虾蒸酒 - RM50

甘香苏东 - RM25

豆豉排骨 - RM20


(许多人没吃过salumi,我们那天在家香也讨论了许久。这是我家传统菜肴,一直以来我们都管这叫sailumi,问妈妈华语叫什么总免不了要被骂的“sailumi就sailumi啦,我哪里知道”。由于要写这部落格,我就依据娘惹语言上的思路,google了sayur rumi,还真给我找着。据说英文叫Pigwort Watercress,也不知真假,真叫人抓狂)

Jia Siang Cafe 家香茶室
321 MK7 Pulau Betong
11020 Balik Pulau
Tel: 019 – 746 8465 / 019 – 764 5116

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


我三姨家种了好大一棵的马尼菜(我们一直都叫马尼菜,这称呼应该是源自sayur manis吧,以前住在怡保时邻居总叫这树仔菜。Google了一下,发觉原来中文名字真好听,叫守宫木,有点儿像武侠小说里的名称)





Tuesday, September 27, 2016



朋友们问,在做些什么呢?我总答不上来。“悠然而往,悠然而来而已矣。” 算不算答案?只能说我渴望不惑,却一直还在寻觅。而立都还有距离,从心所欲简直遥不可及。

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Only Conclusion Was Love

Amy and Sheldon have been the most interesting couple on The Big Bang Theory. They are both outcasts, both awkward. These two outcasts continue to build a life together, find solace in each other, and they can at least rely on each other.
From defining Amy as a girl who is his friend but not his girlfriend, to the relationship of the minds, Sheldon finally evolved into someone that actually involved in a romantic relationship.

1) Sheldon Cooper kisses Amy Farrah-Fowler.
Sheldon Cooper kisses Amy Farrah-Fowler.
On the lips.
And likes it.

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik acting are always fun to watch when the writers decided to show some softer side of Sheldon and Amy. In this episode, I love how Sheldon kiss with Amy initially "came out of anger" and enjoyed it once he got there. I also love how Amy doesn't know what to do or prefer not to do anything with her hands.
The kiss was only made better when Sheldon asked Amy to go with him to see the train's engineer. He finally noticed that she is as important to him as his other interests, and he wanted to share them with her.

Sheldon kisses Amy

2) Sheldon says I love you to Amy
Here was how Dr. Sheldon Cooper first told his girlfriend that he loves her.
“There’s no denying I have feelings for you that can’t be explained in any other way,” he said. “I briefly considered that I had a brain parasite, but that seems even more far-fetched. The only conclusion was love.”
This confession was so shocking, coming from Sheldon. Sheldon doesn't say what he doesn't mean. The fact that Sheldon finally could recognize that he loves Amy is another milestone in his crusade of ever becoming a better partner for her.

I love you too

3) Sheldon bought the perfect gift
Like I said earlier, Sheldon always give the most enthralling and tantalizing gifts, even when he was trying to 'seek revenge against his girlfriend'. His plan was to surprise her with the gift and make her feel guilty for not getting him anything. "I hope you treasure this as much as I treasure you."

It has to be perfect

4) Sheldon and Amy announce they are getting a turtle
Sheldon and Amy hold hands to announce some significant news! Break out the champagne and congratulate the happy couple—Sheldon and Amy are getting a turtle! “We care so much about each other, there’s enough left over for an eight ounce reptile.”

Who would’ve thought you two would be the first in our group to start a family

5) Our kids will be Martians
Sheldon was applying to be one of the first people to colonize Mars but he neglected to tell Amy about his application. Amy told him that what she wants is “for us to be planning our future together.” Ultimately, Sheldon got the hint that Amy is hurt and they gently found a way to work through it and talked about their future together.

If I'm going to a barren, lifeless planet, I want you there with me

6) Shamy's Fort
Sheldon and Amy building a fort together on date night, doing what they can to counteract the years of neglect they suffered as kids. And to our surprise, Sheldon suggested they suspend the date night parameters so Amy can stay later. Amy negotiated a sleepover, and she got a G-rated sleepover!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Paradigm Altered

We finally see more of the softer side of Sheldon when Sheldon and Amy finally started their "relationship of the minds". Throughout this boyfriend / girlfriend relationship, Sheldon showed small gestures from time to time, progressed really slowly, and I found that sweet and heartwarming. I love how the writers are trying to find a logical, yet organic way to develop this weird little romance.

1) I would not object to us no longer characterizing you as not my girlfriend

Sheldon asks Amy to be his girlfriend

Relationship Agreement

2) The Tiara!!!
Sheldon and Amy encountered their first problem in their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. When Amy got upset after Sheldon showed no reaction to her article making the cover of a prestigious journal, he turned to Leonard and Penny for advice on how to be a better boyfriend.

The Tiara!

3) Amy's Campaign
Amy has embarked on a campaign to increase Sheldon's feelings for her. Their "romantic dinner" was a unique and successful one, at least for Amy. However, my favorite part is when Sheldon confessed to Leonard that he was having affectionate feelings for her and kept thinking about her at inappropriate times. The way Sheldon explained how the random particles morphed into Amy's dandruff on her slightly humped shoulders is just sweet. 

Shamy's Romantic Dinner

Sheldon engages in the tradition of whining about his woman 

4) Sheldon holds Amy's hand
Perhaps the greatest leap forward in Sheldon's willingness to show his softer, more emotional side to Amy is when he voluntarily, without any prior prompt from Amy, held Amy's hand while Howard's Soyuz capsule was being launched into space.

Sheldon holds Amy's hand

5) Sheldon romantic speech to Amy
Of course Sheldon will express his feelings this way. I can imagine him feeling awkward, don't know how to express the feelings that are new to him, and opted for hiding behind the Spiderman and gave that touching speech. The strength of Jim Parsons as an actor makes his words believable.

Sheldon romantic speech

6) Sheldon taking care of Amy
Many people like this episode because of the hint of "kinkiness" but I like the fact that Sheldon did it because “I made a commitment in writing to comfort you in times like this. And additionally, you are my girlfriend and I care about your well-being.” Sheldon doing almost anything that is justified in the name of science or reason. In that case, she was sick enough that she needed to be bathed; she needed to have something rubbed on her bare chest. (by the way, the bloopers from this episode are really cute)

Sheldon taking care of Amy

Jim and Mayim Bloopers - TBBT Season 6

7) Amy is now comfort to Sheldon
Initially the pair took on more of an academic, personal relationship than a romantic relationship, gradually, the barriers started to drop, as Sheldon overcame his touch aversion. And before Sheldon noticed, Amy has become a comfort to him. Sheldon needed to be held and consoled by Amy when he is very upset about Kripke

Sheldon needed a hug

8) Amy is Sheldon's emergency contact
Sheldon always give the most enthralling and tantalizing gifts. Even before he started to really show some effort in being romantic in later seasons, he already showed his potential in gifts giving in Season 6 Valentine's Day episode. Amy is now his emergency point of contact at the university. (Well, I thought, if I have a stroke or a kidney stone, who would I want to share that with?)

Amy and Sheldon's Valentine's Gifts

9) Sheldon reveals if he will ever sleep with Amy
This is one of my favorite scene (both story wise and acting wise). I was shocked and thrilled to hear Sheldon admits that he is quite fond of Amy, that he’s working on his lifelong aversion to the physical contact that comes naturally to others, and that potentially, somewhere down the line, he could see himself actually sleeping with Amy. Sheldon’s honest admission shows that he may not always realize when he’s doing/saying something wrong but he is working on improving himself. Amy and Sheldon both give just as much to their relationship, they just do it in different ways.

It's a possibility

10) Love Spell
This is a lovely episode which managed to address character dynamics in believable fashion while throwing us the usual geeky entertainment with style.
Sheldon and Amy got physical in the context of Dungeons and Dragons. What maybe is a small step to other people, is as big of a step to these characters. Sheldon and Amy's frank discussion of what their relationship is illustrated that progress beautifully. Amy understands Sheldon. Sometimes she does want more from him but she also understands why their relationship is what it currently is. Despite Sheldon's issues, Sheldon gets Amy. While their progress toward intimacy has been moving at an incredibly slow pace, progress has been made—which shows that Sheldon is trying and that he does truly care about her.

Keep rolling







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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gurney Bay

相对来说,Gurney Bay Island Seafood 是槟岛一家较新的餐厅,我一直想去尝尝但总没法成行。最近较有空,有好多理由到处吃吃走走。结果,一个月内,我去了三次。





咸蛋菇(对不起,菜肴名字忘了) - RM24









广式点心营业时间:6:30am ~ 2:00pm
海鲜大排档营业时间:11:00am ~ 12:00am
地址:82, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

我看Stranger Things

我最近有点儿闲,但我还是尽我所能避开电视连续剧。我怕自己上瘾,然后一发不可收拾(如The Big Bang Theory),叫我自己郁闷。

可是我最近还是看了两部,一是Master of None(才5小时,甭怕!),另一部就是Stranger Things了。

我第一次看见Stranger Things的poster,我就有想看这部电视剧的冲动了。虽然我对它一无所知,但那海报有种熟悉的八十年代的味道……


小舅到我家,我问他看了Stranger Things吗?他说好看!才八集。正合我意,不就是我八小时的人生嘛。不怕挥霍掉。而且,看完了这电视剧后,发觉八集刚刚好。这种supernatural的故事,太长就有点儿拖泥带水了。

八十年代初的浪漫以及Steven Spielberg式的天真单纯是我的死穴。戏里浓浓的八十年代怀旧情意结是我的死穴。而这剧从小孩的视觉出发,唤醒了我们孩提时对未知的强烈好奇心。那,是我的八十年代。

除了让Winona Ryder勾起我们的八十年代记忆,他们还找了一班很棒的演员,特别还有几个出众的童星。(你看他们几个小瓜怎么在Emmy ’16里抢尽镜头就知道什么叫魅力了)
我最爱小胖Dustin(Gaten Matarazzo饰演)。有时候很害怕童星长大,但是我们看着他在戏里渐渐发育变声,可爱不减。小瓜大有来头,从舞台剧出生,演Les Misérables呢!我忍不住,follow了他的Instagram
Finn WolfhardCaleb McLaughlinNoah Schnapp也都很棒。不知道以后会不会像Stand by Me的演员们一样,叫人一见就想起童年。

更重要的是,我们现在认识了Millie Bobby Brown。这小妹妹再次肯定了我一向来的看法:演技和明星魅力是可以与生俱来的。戏里她只有几句对白,可是她深度地表达了悲伤、恐惧、疑惑、爱、对友情的渴望,让我们随着她的情绪起伏屏息紧张轻叹……



只是哦,对于Stranger Things还有续集,我真的有所保留。好莱坞总是贪得无厌,不懂得见好就收,因而毁了好多好戏。以前Heroes叫我惊艳万分(Sylar还是我心目中电视史上最有型的反派!),然后越拍越不像样,像Sheldon所说:“Heroes gradually lowered the quality season by season till we were grateful it ended.”;我再爱24,也就看到season 5就放弃了;当我觉得Prison Break概念不错想要开始看时,一听主角逃狱了四次(共四个seasons)我就没兴趣了。

希望好莱坞别毁了Stranger Things。

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Master of None

I have no idea who Aziz Ansari is when I decided to watch Master of None. Now I completed watching all his shows on Netflix Malaysia.

I didn't know anything about the show either. I was expecting for a lighthearted goofy comedy, but it turns out to be more of a drama with some comedic elements. All ten episodes are basically short films of themselves, bringing largely unaddressed issues of sex and race into a mainstream comedy. 

I binged this 5 hours show in one evening! It is entertaining, and at the same time, thought-provoking to me.

If you read the synopsis, it says it follows a 30-year-old actor who has trouble making decisions, navigates life in New York City. You change the age and city, this synopsis is applicable to everyone of us. At least, it fits me well. "Jack of all trades, master of none". That's me! Approaching 40 and I still haven't figured out anything about myself, not to mention Dharma.

Dev’s dad sums up what may be the greatest blessing but also the biggest curse Dev and all of us face: “You realize fun is a new thing, right? Fun is a luxury only your generation really has!”

(One of my favorite episode, "Parents" won Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series at the 68th annual Emmy Awards.)

Monday, September 19, 2016

A girl, a friend, but not a girlfriend

Watching the first 3 seasons of TBBT, you would think that Sheldon would never, in a million years, have a girl friend. (When most people characterized Sheldon as narcissistic, I do think he is more of content in his own way than being narcissistic) Then, the writers present us Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, Ph.D, and this is the starting point of Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D slowly growing into a more affectionate, open-minded person.

1) How it started 
We really have to thank Howard and especially Raj, for making the effort.

2) You've Got a Friend in Me
Sheldon and Amy started to develop a very sweet friendship, spending the next four months communicating with each other on a daily basis since they first met. I am sure they found each other fascinating since they are more similar to each other than anyone else. They know how each other thinks, they have logic that is very obvious to both of them, and only to both of them (see how they play Counterfactuals)

Sheldon's new friend Amy 

Sheldon's first date

Their Counterfactuals Game

3) The first 'break up'
Of course, in any healthy relationship, we argue, we disagree and we fight. For Sheldon and Amy, their friendship 'outlived its utility' when Amy belittled Sheldon's occupation as a theoretical physicist. Sheldon terminated their friendship and adopted 25 cats as a substitute for Amy. Of course, this problem was easily solved by Mrs Cooper, using reverse psychology to make Sheldon offer to reconcile with Amy.

The fight


4) Amy held Sheldon's hand
Then, their friendship started to evolve. We see Sheldon's first sign of jealousy.
Sheldon preferred to assume that Amy has contracted an alien parasite than the reluctant conclusion that Amy is sexually aroused by Zack. Of course, to our relief, Amy chose Sheldon's intellect over Zack's looks, and even held Sheldon's hand. I like the idea how Sheldon did hold her hand back and uncharacteristically did not pull his hand away and he let his hand be held.

The Diagnosis

The Experiment

5) Fun together, as friends
They have lots of fun together as friends. They conducted social experiments (Look at you, getting me to engage in the social sciences. You're a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler.), they danced, they kissed. Of course, Sheldon may not want to cross the line of being just friend so they agreed to treat their relationship like a "crashed computer" and restored it to the last point it worked for both.

Amy getting Sheldon to engage in the social sciences

Amy and Sheldon dancing

Amy kisses Sheldon

6) Sheldon got jealous
However, no matter how Sheldon wishes to deny, still, we do know that he has feelings for Amy. When Leonard told Sheldon that he had a great time with Amy, Sheldon karate hit him on the shoulder and angrily retorts "She is not for you. Not for you!"

She Is Not For You

7) They cuddled
When Amy got really upset, and not returning any of Sheldon's various digital attempts to contact her (I tried email, video chat, tweeting her, posting on her Facebook wall, texting her, nothing), Sheldon came into her rescue. Amy made clear what Sheldon could do for her: “At this moment, I find myself craving human intimacy and physical contact.” So, even though Sheldon is uncomfortable with human physical contact and has germophobia, they cuddled......

Sheldon And Amy Cuddle

8) Sheldon wanted to win her back
When Stuart asks Amy out on a date, Sheldon seems to not mind though it becomes obvious later on. He friended Stuart on Facebook to find out how they date, he tried to make Amy jealous by trying to ask Penny out for a date. Even though Sheldon still insists that Amy is a girl who is his friend but not his girlfriend, he wanted to know what are the ways to get her back.

妈妈不在家之食谱(五十八):Yorkshire Puddings

上一回发神经突然间弄了个自己从来没有吃过、完全没有概念的Yorkshire Puddings,觉得好玩,决定用这个作为我的DOE project。

我还是以Jamie Oliver的食谱为基础,但这次稍微做了一点儿更改。

Yorkshire Puddings食谱:
猪油(上一回用olive oil)
100g 面粉
140ml 牛奶(上一回用100ml)

1. 前一晚把鸡蛋、牛奶、面粉和调味料打散,收在冰箱内。隔天早上拿出来,尽量给它恢复室温。
2. Preheat the oven to 230°C.
3. 在cupcake tin里涂上猪油。我为了尝试不同猪油分量的成品,我在每三格里用了不同分量的猪油。j结果发觉没太大分别。
4. 把涂上猪油的cupcake tin放入已热的炉内,热上15分钟
5. 把热了的cupcake tin取出,倒入batter(我又自作聪明,想要在每个洞里放上不同分量的batter,看看有什么不同,结果其中一个放太少了,比其它洞内的都提早变褐,吓死我妈,烘到一半,发得好漂亮的一碟,被妈妈取出来硬行挖出了快焦的那粒,结果其他几粒又稍扁了)
6. 放入炉内烘23分钟。

chili beef Yorkshire Puddings配料)食谱:
这样子可以下chili paste了
chili paste(我偷妈妈的sambal udang酱料,简单又好吃。哈哈)

1. 锅里猪油热了就加入牛肉碎中火炒一炒。
2. 牛肉半熟时就可以加入九层塔丝。
3. 熟透前加入chili paste大火再炒一炒就可以上桌。


不知道英国人怎么吃,但我这“盈式Yorkshire Puddings”肯定合我自己的口味。哈哈!

我的Yorkshire Puddings反过来刚刚好有个小杯口,放我的牛肉刚刚好