Thursday, April 2, 2015

Malaysia Best Khao Jam - U-lang Corner

Technically, I'm 1/8 Nyonya. I grow up eating 1/4 Nyonya food, 1/4 Hokkien food, and 1/2 of everything else. Among all the Nyonya food, ulam bui (nasi ulam in hokkien, steamed rice dish mixed with various herbs) is one of my favorite. We always call it 'ulam bui', until my Malay colleague corrected me a few years back. Technically not wrong, but to be more accurate, the one that I love is actuall nasi kerabu, a type of nasi ulam.

To me, my grand-aunt (and my mum master this later) cook the best 'ulam bui' (isn't everyone's favorite dishes from childhood are mum's / grandmas' / grand-aunts' / aunts' cooking?). So if I do think U-lang Corner sell the best Khao Jam in Malaysia, you can tell how high the quality is.

During our previous family trip to East Coast, we arrived at "U-Lang Corner" in late afternoon and the only thing left was the final set of Khao Jam. We 'da bao' the final set and ate at hotel later. Even the dabao one impressed my mum's golden tongue. We came back on the next day and it was closed. My mum and my aunts missed this a lot!

Finally, I'm here. Based on previous experience, the 'dabao' one is very good, so imagine how excited I was, waiting for the hot food to be served.

The first thing you’ll notice about their khao jam is the beautiful, vivid colour of the the greenish rice and the other herbs. Ulang Corner’s khao jam apparently made with the juice of more than 40 blended herbs. It also serves with kerisik ikan, sambal, fish crackers (out of stock when we were there) and raw / fresh vegetables. We ordered a set with turmeric fried kembong and 2 sets of turmeric fried chicken for side dishes. I LOVE the aroma!

Best khao jam!

We also cannot resist the smell of laksam and laksa. Though very full, we have to order one each to prevent we regret later. We had terrible laksam at Kopitiam Kita earlier in the morning. Luckily this amended others' opinion about laksam. I love the Kelantan version of asam laksa too. That colourful bowl, you'll love it even before your first bite.

3 plates of khao jam, one laksam, one asam laksa, one nasi berlauk, 6 glasses of drinks cost us RM41.

Kelantan asam laksa - everything here is so colourful

Address: 4939-B, Jalan Wakaf Mek Zainab, 15300 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Business Hour: 11:30am – 2:30pm

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