Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 27 & 28 - Staying Healthy in Bangkok

I kept my promise to myself: I still woke up early for my 30 Day Beach Body Challenge, even when we were on family trip at Bangkok.

Day 27 = 100 Russian Twists + 4x60s planks
Day 28 = 25 push ups + 200 seal jacks

First day in Bangkok, I woke up at 6:30am. Had some skaters as warmup before i started the program. The parquet floor was cold but I have no choice but to place my butt on it for 100 Russian twists. Without the dumbbells, the twists are slightly easier. The killing part was the planks. Maybe because Bangkok is furthers away from the equator, I felt harder to support my own weight :p

Second day in Bangkok, I delayed my wake up time to 7am. Day 28 workout consists of one of the workout that I hate most, and one of the workout I love most:
En taught me how to do the pushups correctly. Right posture or not, push ups are still extremely difficult for me. Luckily Wei also couldn't do it so this actually made me feel not as bad. Haha!
I love seal jacks because it's exactly those workouts that your primary school PE teachers want you to do. This makes me feel youthful :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day26 - Boxing Day

How can I not start my Boxing Day with Punches as warmup? :)
After the punches, I started with 100 bicycle crunches. Now I'm getting better at this, at least I can do 80 bicycle crunches in a row without break. Not to discourage myself, I completed the first 100 by doing only bicycle (without crunches) for the balance 20.

Then, I switched to 50 butt kicks. Seems easy but I can only manage to do 50 before the break. So I decided to do 25 crunch kicks on each leg to make it 100 butt kicks.

Before I headed to work, I did another 100 bicycle crunches.

However, Day 26 actually consists of 200 bicycle crunches and 200 butt kickers. It means I still owe myself 100 butt kickers this morning.

How to catch up? Well, I completed the balance 100 with 50 side crunch kicks on each leg after work, before we head to airport :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 25 - You Better Workout, You Better Not Cry

"You better workout, you better not cry, you better not shout I'm telling you why, supermen and plank jacks are fun."

I started my Christmas holiday with 100 supermen and 200 plank jacks.

I broke the 100 supermen into two sessions with yoga cat pose in between to balance up the strain.

For 200 plank jacks, I broke into two sessions two. In between I squeeze in some mountain climbers so that my bare feet could relief from the impact of jumping jacks.

This is a great way to start off my holiday as this set of workout is great for my self esteem. Something I need during the break, after the hectic year end schedule.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 24 - Keep Moving

I started my day with 25 wood chops on each hand as warm ups. I used dumbbell for this workout as I want to make sure my arms got enough resistance when doing this.

After the warmups, I started the 200 mountain climbers. Mountain climbers are slightly harder than i wish, but as fun as I want. You can vary the pace as you wish, as if facing slopes with different difficulties. You have to keep moving because you need the momentum to push you through. I observed tights muscles, core muscles, and arms muscles working real hard.

Wei asked if I'll continue this program when we are at Bangkok later. Of course I will! I have completed more than 80% by then, why should I stop? I must keep moving! That is something I promised myself. This month is a preview and 2014 will be the real start :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 23 - Piece of Cake :)

Today is one of the easiest day, 50 reverse lunges and 100 skaters. Both are my type of workout, not too hard, good enough to tone muscle, and can have lots of fun if you have good imagination :)
After a hectic weekend, I was not able to jump start to my workout. Instead, I snoozed and snoozed until I have to sacrifice my stretching and breathing exercise. Went straight to warm up using skaters then reverse lunges. 
I still have time to do a quick browsing through Facebook before went off to work. So, I think I really burnt a piece of cake worth of calorie with piece of cake workout.

Sunday, December 22, 2013








Day 22 - Happy Winter Solstice

Mum woke me up early in the morning for last minute tangyuan disaster rescue op. Hence I didn't start my workout as soon as I wake up as per original plan. I started my day by preparing the tangyuan instead. I always love preparing tangyuan as that's the only time that adult playing Play-Doh and not being weird.

After getting the tangyuan ready, I nt back to my room, and started the 35 burpee pushups and 200 standing sided abs crunches. As you can predict, I hate anything with the word pushups. It added a hint of 'almost impossible'. With will power, I did 17 of burpee pushups, followed by 200 standing sided abs crunches, and completed the balance 18 burpee pushups.

It's tiring, but it's Winter Solstice! Cool breeze, family gathering, and managed to complete 35 burpee pushups. Satisfying :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 21 - Catch Up

Because I didn't complete my Day 20, I redesign Day 21 to catch up what i missed yesterday.

Original design of Day 21 = 200 punches + 200 bicycle

My Day 21= 15 burpees + 2x30s planks + 100 bicycles (alternate between 20 bicycles and 20 bicycle crunches) + 200 punches + 100 bicycles (alternate between 20 bicycles + bicycle crunches) + 1x60s plank + 15 burpees.

It's fun to do the workout with so many variety. But I have to pay the price. Now I'm resting in my garden. My core muscles are crying in pain.

Lesson of the day: Never procrastinate! or you will have to pay the price.

Day 20 - Fail to Follow

Because of last minute present shopping and Christmas cakes collection, I went to bed around 1am.
So on Day 20 morning, I snoozed and snoozed and snoozed, and when I finally made up my mind to wake up, it is already 6:45am. Since I still have to rush to office to deliver the cakes and presents, I know I have no choice but to split today session into two.

Day 20 =  75 burpees and 4x60s planks. Not extremely difficult, but definitely not something that I can easily completed in minutes. I chose to do a 60s plank, 30 burpees and another 60s plank before I took a quick shower and drove to work.

My original plan was to catch up the balance after dinner. But somehow I ended up watching Star Trek Bluray marathon so I decided to catch up the balance 2x 60s plank and 35 burpees on Day 21.

I hope this is the first and the last time I fail to follow the program as per design.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 19 - As Easy As Warm Up

Not trying to be cocky here, but Day 19 is really easy.

200 high knees are good enough to exercise butt and core muscles but mild enough to keep you going. I am very proud of myself when I completed my 200th high knees and I believe this is very good for self-esteem.

Same for superman. I kind of like this workout because of the name. It is fun, and you can vary your pace as you like. Completing 100 supermen are not as hard as it sound, but I always have problem with the breathing. Instead of inhale while you lower your arms and legs back down, I always did it the other way round. I hope I can correct my breathing habit in the future.

Meanwhile, I just feel good about myself :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013






















由于我这早餐吃得有点儿匆忙, 并没有好好的把店内的装饰都拍上。下一次吧,下一次我将会带上我的单眼,带爸爸妈妈来这儿吃早餐。


地址:29, Old Jetty Road, 12200 Butterworth, Malaysia

Day 18 - Scarier Than Push Ups

You: "Name one workout that is scarier than push ups"

Day 18 consists of 100 Triceps dips and 50 squat jumps. I was supposed to do this at 6am, like I always do. However, today I overslept. Somehow I snoozed the alarm and the moment when I gained conscious again, it was already 7am and I have 10 minutes left to get ready to go to work.

So, today I came home earlier. The first thing I did was to go straight to my room, and started my workout. I knew it's almost impossible for me to do the 100 triceps dips, so I decided to break it into 2 sessions. I planned to do 50 triceps dips, 50 squat jumps, and 50 triceps dips again. Well, plan is just a plan.

Reality: 25 triceps dips - break - 10 triceps dips - break - 15 triceps dips - 50 squat jumps - 25 triceps dips - break - 15 triceps dips - break - 10 triceps dips

Now, while I'm typing this blog post, I can feel my muscles screaming for help. THIS is definitely scarier than push ups!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 17 - Getting Better, Even in Push Ups

When I say I'm getting better, I am not really good at this yet, but at least I'm better than I were before. Very low benchmark, I know, but don't day say "the only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday"?

When I saw "35 push ups", I almost wanted to give up. Sound impossible. I don't know how my arms can survive the session. Worse still, "35 push ups" are combined with "100 mountain climbers". Arms workout overloaded! I couldn't decide which one to start first.

At the end, I decided that instead of focusing on what I cannot do, I should focus on the possible. So I started my workout with "100 mountain climbers". To my surprise, I have totally no problem with this. 100 without break, with alternate speed of fast and slow in between.

After the 100 mountain climbers, here come the real challenge: 35 push ups. I can't really do the push ups with the correct posture. I can't keep my elbows tight into the torso. They keep on flaring out during ascending and descending. However, I don't care. I only want to make sure I can survive the 35 push ups, with or without correct posture.

Without focusing on the posture, I have my mind fixed on drawing all energy to my arms. I went up and down, up and down, and without realising I already did 15 push ups! By 18th, I really couldn't do it anymore so I switched to the easier variation with my knees on the floor and completed the rest. I know, I still haven't completed the whole workout as it was designed, but, still, I'm proud of my progress :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 16 - Good Momentum

I started to suspect that the workouts seem easier these days because of the momentum. I'm on day 16 now. My muscles are trained to understand that they cannot stay in the relax mode all the time like what they did for the past few years. So one by one, they started to cooperate, and some of the workouts become easier and easier.

My "big aunty" is visiting. I skipped my normal stretching routine, did some simple warm up, then started Day 16, which designed as 50 donkey kicks and 50 curtesy lunges.

Donkey kicks are pretty easy for me. I have no problem completing 25 on each leg. After the 50 donkey kicks, I even added another 10 in each leg with dumbbells.

Curtesy lunges are fun. I prefer this than the normal lunges. The workout steps are smoother compare to the lunges that I always having problem to link each steps together. Again, I successfully completed the 50 without breaks in between :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 15 - Proud of Myself

Day 15 consists of 4x 60s planks and 100 Russian twists. To my surprise, I made it!! I managed to complete the 4x 60s planks and 100 Russian twists as per the program designed. No unnecessary breaks in between. I'm so proud of myself :)
The plank is still as as hard as it normally is, but this round I have enough strength to hold myself for full 60s each time. Really can't hide my excitement :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 14 - How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck

Day 14 = 50 Wood Chops + 50 Squat Jumps

I decided to start my day with squat jumps because today I have relatively shorter time for my workouts. So after my warm ups, I prefer to have something that can pump the heart then follow by something easier to cool down.

Squat jumps are high intensity workout. As always, I can't finished the said numbers in one go. I broke these 50 into 3 sets of 20-20-20. Still, my quad muscles sore! I doubted if I can still walk after the session but apparently it was not that bad after all.

Wood chops are easier than it seems on the video clip. I like the fact that I can feel my abdominal muscle and my arm muscle working hard while I myself not really suffering (rare case!) And this is also one of the few workouts that I can do the required number without break and rest.

The only problem (for me only la~) with this workout is the name - wood chops. I can't stop smiling when "chopping".

This work out reminded me of my crazy cousin, Mathew, who can't stop laughing when he watched the following video clip. I agree that this tongue twister is fun, but it's him that made everyone of us wanted to learn this tongue twister too. 

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much as a woodchuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 13 - Fooled by Own Perception

I thought Day 13 should be easy. At least, from the videos, Day 13 seems easy.

Since I'm not working today, I allow myself to snooze the alarm for 2 times before I get up to my Hour of Power. "I can finish the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge in few minutes so I can steal a few minutes to sleep", that's my own excuse when I snoozed my alarm.

I started my 30 Day Beach Body Challenge with 50 forward lunges. I stopped at first 10 because I found this easy. I continued the another 40 with dumbbells.

Everything seems according to plan until I started the plank walks.....

When I first saw the name of the workout, I imagined it involving moving around while planking. But when i watched the video, it shows movements on that same spot, seems super easy. Besides, I have done many planks by now. "How hard can this be?" I asked myself.

Well, it is not something that I can handle. Instead of doing continuously 50 in a few minutes like I imagined, I have to take a break after every 10 plank walks and it took me almost 15 minutes to finally complete all 50!!

This is exactly why The Wise One told us to practice non-judgement. One can easily fooled by own perception. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 12 - One of the Easiest

Day 12 = 200 punches + 200 butt kicks

I can't imagine how to do punches since the "30 Day Beach Body Workout" website doesn't provide any video or instruction on how to do this. So I went to Youtube and did a quick search. This is what I found, and this is REALLY easy, even for someone like me. I think I will add in some variation next time, maybe using dumbbells instead.

While I was punching to the air, I can't help but thinking of how old folks call Mahjong an exercise. Really, these 2 "exercises" have a lot in common. First of all, you don't move other parts of your body except your hands. Secondly, you do virtual exercise. While punches are basically punching air, Mahjong is a virtual swimming. So next time your parents or grandparents tell you they have to go exercise, don't laugh, they are telling the truth!

After the easy warmup, I started the 200 butt kicks. When I read the instruction of How to Do Butt Kickers Exercise link provided by the "30 Day Beach Body Workout", it mentions "butt kicks are effective warmup exercise". I imagined this as something easy. I was too lazy to read so I skipped the instruction and go straight to the video provided. To my surprise, the video instruction shows that butt kickers are not easy at all. The video is 10 full minutes. I decided I can come back to this when I have time in the future so I stop watching after 2 variations. I decided only stick to these two.
The first variation is quite hard. I have problem even for the balancing but I managed to do 50 kicks on each leg. After 100 kicks of this, I decided to move to the side-butt-kicks but then I decided that 10 kicks on each leg is good enough for today.

So what did I do after total 120 of butt kickers? I decided that I must find something easier to follow for today. So I search again and found this on YouTube, and I totally agree that THIS is an effective warmup exercise. Much easier, and the heart started to pump at higher rate in seconds. Love this! I think I'm going to keep this for my future routine too :)

Day 11 - I'm So Weak!

I know I'm weak, but I don't know I'm THIS weak.

Day 11 consists of 25 push ups and 75 tricep dips. My arm can only support my weight for less than 5 push ups. To prevent myself from giving up, and also due to time constrain, I choose to convert the balance 20 into something easier: push ups from my knees.

However, the actual nightmare comes after the pushups. The tricep dips are much harder than I have imagined. My tricep just not strong enough to support my own weight for 75 times of full dips. I ended up splitting this into 15-10-10-10-10-20. Can you imagine? I almost cried when doing this. Can't believe I have let my body performance deviated until this level.

Must work harder!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 10 - It's All About Strategy

I almost wanted to cry when I see 200 crunches last night. Yes, Day 10 means 200 crunches and 50 squat jumps. While squat jumps is something new to learn today, thinking of the 200 crunches still makes me wanted to cry.
I know I cannot do 200 crunches at current fitness level, so I decided to split into 100 crunches, 50 squat jumps and 100 crunches again.
When I tried to execute this, still too ambitious. I can survive until 70 crunches. That's it! So I have to do 50 squat jumps first, then only come back to the balance 130.
I changed my strategy. I used a few songs with different tempo so that I can complete my 130 crunches with fast-slow-fast pace and I survived the balance 130 in one go!! :)
It's all about strategy I guess :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 9 - My Mum is Always Right

My mum told me that the ache on my shoulder was not muscle pain. Now I confirm she is right.

I had fever started yesterday evening. I guess my body must have worked very hard to fight all the toxic in the system. Around midnight, I recovered from fever and started to have diarrhea, flushing out the toxic I think.

This morning, I woke up at 6am. Still doing my stretching, still continue the 30 Days Beach Body Challenge. Day 9 is easy. 25 squats and 100 skaters. I made it 50 skaters, 25 squats, and 50 skaters with dumbbells. Everything is easier than I thought until after I finished my workout. The shoulder angel and shoulder devil were debating again, should I or should I not, to get an mc and rest at home. (Well, you know the outcome of this debate since I'm now resting in the garden, writing this blog post.)

I went to Taman Mutiara after shower. I thought there are 24-hours clinics but apparently most of them open at 8am. I was early. I had 30 minutes to kill. Luckily I'm smart enough to bring my new novel along :)

I have forgotten how quiet is Taman Mutiara in the morning. Most shops are closed. The only 2 coffee shops that are operating also have only about half of the food stalls open. I ordered a bowl of porridge and happily reading my novel. About 20 minutes later, that area started to come alive. More and more stalls owners arrived and start to get prepared. More and more customers walk in, some with uniform, some don't.

I walked back to the clinic after my breakfast and I'm the doctor's first customer of the day. Everything went so smooth that I completed the whole process in about 10 minutes :)

And here I am, resting in the garden, writing this blog, while my body continue to release gasses from my mouth and you-know-where.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 8 - Muscle Pain or Lymph Node Inflamation?

As I said earlier, this program is well design. When I thought I cannot move my legs anymore, after the squatting and jumping jacks, surprisingly, I can still do well in the 50 donkey kicks. I kind of love the donkey kicks. However, I think I need a mirror to check if my posture is correct.

After 100 bicycles, I noticed obvious ache on my shoulder. I think I strained my muscles but my mum said I must have lymph node inflammation. I hope this won't affect my squats and skaters tomorrow.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Birth Month Concluded

OK, I'm crazy. I admit. But I think I am"experienced" enough to have the privilege to celebrate birth-month instead of birth-day.

First of all, Wei Wei and En En came back on the first weekend of November. So we had a very nice dinner at Miraku.

The next day, we had a very simple afternoon tea in the garden. Second aunt and my cousins were here too. It was a rainy day. We enjoyed the cool breeze, had great chat and great fun and great nap in the garden.

Wei and I went to Haagan Dazs to collect my free scoop of ice-cream. We met a sort-of-OCD worker there. We ordered "ice-cream-on-brownie". He said "ON brownie? Not at the side?" We said yes, on brownie. The photo on the right shows how it was served. Brownie on one side, the scoop of ice-cream at the other side, and all the cream / peanuts are separated too. I guessed he must have hate people mixing everything together :) 
Anyway, after the short break, I bought home 3 pints of Haagen-Dazs so that we can share with everyone. Mum always loves the fruity flavor and dad always loves Belgium Chocolate. 

The day before my birthday, I received a extremely thoughtful gift from a lovely friend. I was so touched! Really can't thank her enough. This gift also started to make me think of getting a craft class in year 2014. I haven't learn a new skill for too long already!

The night before my birthday, I had a very simple dinner at Patio with a group of energetic youth. I'm charged :)

When I reached my office on my birthday, there's a lovely note on my table. I love this small little surprise. The even more surprise fact: that ribbon is an origami! Hand made! By that little girl herself!
I love it :)

Though everyone was super busy, we managed to have a very simple and sweet birthday celebration at one of our favorite lunch spot. I enjoyed that to the max.
Too bad that we have to leave BH eating alone as all of us have to rushed back to factory before the gate is closed. 

The night of my birthday, I be the best daughter in town, having the simplest meal with my dad and mum at home :) After the dinner, I sat in front of my computer writing thank you notes to everyone that sent their wishes.

The next morning, another lovely gift on my desk. That Gerbera really made my day! It has this vibrant orange that says "cheer up and be happy"

The week after that, we had our usual "selves-birthday-celebration" but this round the guys have more important things to do so two of us had a ladies night out at Abbey Road instead. Lots of catch up to do.

The next night, meet up with another 2 girl friends for catch up too. Most of our friends are already married with kids, so it is always easier to make the appointment happened if it is only 3 of us...... Sign of getting older....

En came back again for bridge run. I forced him to buy me dinner again. Haha! Though the credit card bill will be settled by me later but it is really fun to let your brother start practicing to buy you dinner.

After we sent En to airport, finally I can have mother-daughter date. Mum is an expert shopper. We shopped for hours until even her cannot stand anymore so she called home, asked papa to settle his own dinner, while we had some simple food at Canton-i. So, finally the real 母难日celebration.

Of course, Christmas is just one month away. How can I not set up the Christmas Tree in the office? (Why is this my birth month celebration too you may ask? Well, THIS is something that never fail to make me happy too)

Then, on the last week of my birth-month (ei, my birthday falls on 7th of November so of course 1st of December is still the last week!), I suddenly decided to give myself some challenges. I picked 30 Day Beach Body Challenge because it is more challenging than anything else (at least for me la~). I have been a lazy bum for years and it is sure hard to break the inertia (My physic teacher said 动者恒动、静着恒静). I'm glad that I have progress well so far :)

To conclude my birth-month, I decided to buy myself a birthday present.

I have a lot of excuses to ease my guilt in buying this: it is my birthday present, this thing is much cheaper than it used to be, this is a delayed gratification, i don't want to get sick in a backpack trip so i need to properly keep warm but all my current winter jackets are too bulky......

So, this is how I concluded my birth-month celebration. I'd like to thank everyone of you, everyone in my life, for giving me such a wonderful, blissful, meaningful life.

Day 7 - Another Victory

Day 7 is probably the hardest. It's Saturday. I have been waking up early for the last 6 days and this is Saturday! My shoulder angel and the shoulder devil had almost 30 minutes of debate before I finally determine that I MUST DO THIS. To have the discipline to do what you want to do is the real freedom afterall. I see this as a personal small victory, beating the stepping bugs :)

Day 7 = 200 jumping jacks + 3 60 seconds plank

So I started a simple warmup (have you noticed my procrastination causing I skipped my normal stretching routine?) and went straight to jumping jacks. I thought I will suffer for this routine as my tight muscles are still crying in pain after Day 6 50 squats. Apparently they designed this challenge well. Each day you are forced to use different sets of muscles. I can still easily make it to 100 without problem. (Most probably because this exercise brings back a lot of memory. I bet every Malaysians does this in their primary school days)

I stopped at 100th and started the 60 seconds plank. I thought this should be easier than it was since I have had planks on the first 2 days. Well, I'm just being naive. These planks still kill me as always.

How I did it on Day 7: 100 jumping jacks --> 60s plank --> 100 jumping jacks --> 60s plank --> dumbbell lifting (to rest my abdomen muscles) --> 30 planks --> (rest again) --> 30 planks

Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 6 - Oh My Back!

I'm not sure which has more truth: Day 4 onwards the exercises are easier, or because my body is fitter compare to few days ago so I don't feel as much pain during the process as before?

Day 6 consiste of 50 supermans and 50 squats. I warmed up with 20 high kicks, then started with the 50 supermans. Though now I can carry on the full set exercise without breaks in the middle, still, while I'm sitting here writing this blog, I still can feel the pain in my back! I seldom use the muscles over thee so now I have to pay the price.

For the squats, instead of following exactly the 30 days challenge, I modified it to the 3-1-2 squatting so I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013


昨天我因有要事在身得到Burma Road走一趟,却因为找不到泊车位而阴差阳错地来到Lengkok Burma

有别于Burma Road的繁忙喧哗,这里朴素幽静。我喜欢这个环境,也不介意得走得比较远,就在这儿泊车。


我们点了一碗面线羹和一碟Roti Babi。



与我同行的小妹妹毕竟年纪小,面线羹和Roti Babi都不是这个年代普及的食物,对她而言倒是新奇。而我,虽然这称不上槟城数一数二的美味,但我爱煞在繁华都市当中难得的原始绿肺,所以我也很享受这简单的美味。



Day 5 - Relatively Easy

Day 5 consist of 100 high kicks and 75 Russian twists. Though the names sound intimadating, to my surprise, these are relatively easy.
High kicks are good warming up exercise. Though not as challenging, but you will start to feel your whole body getting warm after around 20 of these. I think I'll use these for my warm up in the future.
Russian twist is more challenging. To me, the balancing act of "sitting-on-the-ground-with-your-knees-bent-and-your-heels-about-two-feet-from-your-bum-and-lean-back-without-rounding-your-spine" is harder than the twist itself. So I actually took some time to practise the balancing act first before I start the twisting with dumbbells. Though not as challenging, I still have to do these 75 in 20-20-15-15 four sessions.
Overall, because of relatively easier, I did enjoy my session today :)

Day 4 - Start to Fall in Love with This

Ok, maybe not REALLY fall in love, but at least I enjoyed today session.
Day 4 is 200 crunches (ouch!) and 100 skaters. Crunches are killing me as usual, but skaters are fun! You can just imagine yourself as a Winter Olympic speed skating athlete, trying your best pursuing the gold medal. It's so cool that I didn't even notice that I have done much more than the Challenge required.
Even during my usual dumbbell session, I unintentionally ended up doing the skaters with dumbbells.  I guess after this 30 Days Beach Body Challenge, I'm going to put skaters into my daily routine :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 3 - Don't Ever Over Estimate Your Capability

OK, so staying in my bed for the visualization may not be a good idea. I accidentally fell asleep when I was half way to the future. When I gained my consciousness again, it was already 6:20am!! (I better change my "Get Grateful and Visualize" session from lying comfortably on the bed, to a sitting position on the floor.) I have to skip the normal stretching exercise. Instead, I immediately started the burpees after warm up.

I watched the burpees video last night, and I thought it must be more fun to do it a bit faster, maybe do it with some upbeat music. So today, I started at a very fast pace. It's fun at the very beginning, but I almost had heart attack at my #15th burpee. Apparently I have over estimated my physical capability.

So instead of continue and finish the 50 burpees, I rested in a lying position, and continued with kickdowns instead. My stomach muscles were already in pain due to the first 2 days crunches, planks and bicycles, so it was actually quite hard to complete the 50 kickdowns in a row too.

So this was how I completed my Day 3: 15 burpees --> 20 kickdowns --> 15 burpees --> 15 kickdowns --> 10 burpees --> 15 kickdowns --> 10 burpees

Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 2 - Hour of Power

I felt that something was missing from my Day 1 of 30 Days Beach Body Challenge. So, last night I searched my feelings, and 'ting', a light bulb!
It was the first CD of "Get the Edge" program that fired up my desire to change. Naturally, I missed the "Hour of Power" so I made some modification to my routine.

I woke up at 5:50am this morning. Still lying on my bed, I started the 1:4:2 breathing exercise (inhale for 1 count, hold for 4 counts, exhale for 2 counts), while I visualize about everything that I'm grateful for. I visualize everything I want in my life as if I had already achieved.  (I always love this part!)

After the breathing and visualization exercise, I started my stretching exercise on my bench. 15 minutes on each leg.
I normally don't time myself so I get Chinese Traditional Music 流水and平沙落雁 (these 2 pieces add up to around 15 minutes) as my stretching music so that I know when to switch side. Besides, these pieces are calm and peaceful, good for meditation while stretching.

After stretching and warm up, I finally came to the actual "30 Day Beach Body Challenge". Day 2 is 100 bicycles and two 30s planks.

To make sure it's not too boring, I break the planks into 2 different sessions. I started the workout with 30s plank (much easier than yesterday) and followed by the bicycle then 30s plank again.

The bicycles part was easy, but the bicycles crunch part was killing me. So instead of doing 100 bicycle crunches, I did 20 bicycles, 20 bicycle crunches and alternate doing this for 140 times.

After the Day 2 of "30 Day Beach Body Challenge", I had some fun with dumbbell session, dancing to the Faye Wong's 浮躁 before I went to shower and off to work.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 1 - Accidental Healthy Start (relatively)

I woke up at 6:30am as I promised. (trust me, this is super hard for me, almost never happened on Sundays!) Instead of start my day with warm ups and stretching on my bench, I headed to toilet for "colon cleansing". I guess I had too much oily food the day before, and the 大肠经 really working effectively during this hour.
7am, I started my stretching routine for 30 minutes. Then, I start to follow the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge. The first 60s plank was easy. The 50 crunches were not terribly hard too. It was the second 60s plank that killed me. I couldn't hold. Arms muscles not strong enough, stomach muscles not strong enough, even my back pain! To ensure I won't give up easily, also base on the advice online, I broke this 60s plank into two 30s sessions with a brief 30s rest in between, and I finally made it.
To end my early Sunday workout session, I had some simple dumbbell dance to 蓝莲花(no joke!)
After the workout, I'm super hungry. Mum still sleeping so I ended up with relatively healthy breakfast (山药薏米芡实莲子drink, Jacob's Hi Cal biscuit with tuna, some guavas and a cup of coffee), not what I intended to but there's all I can find with no cooking involve :)