Sunday, April 24, 2011


从槟岛驾往半岛,倒后镜是槟岛山脉的轮廓,眼前是亲切的大山脚Cheruk Tokun,两旁是一片蔚蓝碧绿斑驳着波光粼粼,路上飞驰的车子在和煦阳光下反射着银光,大桥上充满着生命力。


Anonymous said...

do you have the Enk Heru contract no?
I want to find a car too, we got 6pax
Please let me know, thanks.

盈盈 said...

hee hee, sorry. I have his name card but I think I need some time to dig it out from my "trash" :) When are you going? Do you mind wait for a while? :)

somlim said...

Aug 6 to 9 ^^

somlim said...

Hotel Manohara 的價錢怎麼那裡便宜? 你在那裡訂的?

June 21, 2011 9:05 PM

somlim said...

還沒找到name card 嗎?

盈盈 said...

somlim, I'm so sorry for delaying. Here come En. Heru's HP#:
+6281 226 909 263

somlim said...

thanks a lots
May I Know what rate he give u?

盈盈 said...

From airport to Malioboro cost Rp60,000. From Malioboro to Borobudur cost Rp200,000.

you can go to my previous blog to see more detail:

somlim said...

my quotation as below
Day 1 rp 250k
airport to Manohara Hotel

Day2 rp 400k
Manohara Hotel to City and Prambanan Temple

Day 3 rp 300k
Mount Merapi

Day 4 rp 50k
City to airport