Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bukit Genting Thai Restaurant

I've been to Bukit Genting restaurant a couple of times but this is the first time I bring along my DSRL. So, finally, I'm in the mood to blog about this restaurant :)

The view of Penang East Coast

The view of Penang West coast
We were there about 1.5 hour before sunrise. Just nice for us to walk around and enjoy the food before getting our gears ready for sunset :)

The food we ordered:

The food there is quite reasonable. 9 of us, ordered tomyam seafood, thai-style-steam-fish, deep fried kangkung, green curry, belancan chicken, pandan chicken, claypot "tanghoon" prawn, "mengkam", a jar of ambra juice, a jar of herbal tea. Cost us only RM180. My Japanese colleagues especially love the green curry. They literally can have a bowl of white rice with ONLY green curry. (By the time all the local are full, only green curry left. My Japanese colleagues ordered a bowl of rice each and continue eating.....)
Well, Ching Ching and I were too excited. We started to walk around with our camera before all the food are served (just in case you didn't notice there's no "Mengkam" in my photos :) ).

Nice ambience



To be frank, I think the food served are not great (well, not bad either :p). You can easily get much tastier Thai food anywhere else in Penang. However, the scenary that this spot can offer is just great! Worth the long drive!

Location: click here for google map
From Georgetown: go straight to Bayan Lepas old town (airport should be on your left) and follow Balik Pulau sign. Pay attention to a big white water tank and you will see Bukit Genting entrance on your left.
Opening hours: 11:30am ~ 10:30pm
Tel: +604-827 9805, +604-827 9801

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