Thursday, September 5, 2013

Naked Turtles

I worked in a place where the definition of human rights is slightly different from the rest. There is an internet monitoring software in place to monitor employees' browsing activities,and also to filter out those inappropriate contents and websites. We are used to the "over-sensitive" software which filter out almost anything and everything. Our Google experience almost always end up in "Access Denied" page, even when we were searching for some technical terms. I thought nothing will ever surprise me anymore, until today......

We were crazy about Sipadan / Mabul / Maldives these few days. One of my colleagues searched for "Semporna" and he ended up in "Access Denied" page again.

When he took a close look, to his surprise, Sem-porn-a Island Project was categorized as "Pornography/Sexually Explicit"!! Classic!

We were joking that Sem-porn-a website must have a whole gallery of naked turtles. We must be protected from the risks of aroused during working hours.
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