Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Having Fun with Clip-On Lens

Mid of December, my brother shopped online and found himself something nice on Lazada Malaysia for RM50. However, he needed another RM30 of purchase to get free shipment so he turned to his sisters as usual.

We had nothing particular in our mind so the first thing we did is to browse for toys and baby gears. While browsing, we talked about our mutual friend's latest posts on FB where he took marvelous photos with his newly bought clip on lens. Eureka! We shopped for universal clip-on lens for our phone and totally forgot about the baby in the house :)

We placed order on 15th Dec and got our new toys on 18th Dec. Pretty good service from Lazada I'll say.

My LIEQI Universal Clip Lens comes with a clip, a wide angle / macro lens, a fisheye lens and a pouch. (The wide Wide Angle / Macro Lens is a 2-in-1 device, where the Macro lens available by unscrewing the Wide-Angle lens.)

It fits well on our phones and iPads. What I love about this new toy is that it is light, easy to carry around, and most importantly, the quality is not bad at all (for the price of RM29 per set)!

The wide angle lens has nothing to shout about but I have no complaints! (reminder: RM29 per set!)
Fisheye lens is fun to play with but my favorite is the macro lens.

Here are some photos for your reference:

Normal phone camera

With clip-on wide angle lens

With clip-on Fish Eye lens

macro - strawberry close up

macro - grass1

macro - grass2

macro - grass3

macro - flowers of pegaga

macro lens - airplant baby

macro lens - wild flower

macro lens - flower bud

macro lens - 煤炭屎鬼

This set could replace my bulky DSLR on normal days, and I can still have fun with photography.
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