Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bringing Aunties to Maeklong Train Market

I visited Maeklong Train Market for the first time, in end of 2017. With that experience, I was better in planning my trip when I brought my mum and my aunts to Maeklong Train Market.

Group photo before we started our shopping trip

1. I bought them some finger food before we even started at the wet market (because I knew they LOVE wet market and expected to spend REALLY LONG TIME before we could have our first meal)

2. I could spent more time taking photos while waiting for them to shop......

 3. I knew where to bring them to take tons of photos on the track, by the track, with the train, without the train......

2 brave aunties with in-coming train

my mum cheated - this was after the train left

my aunt with her newly bought sunglasses

Getting braver seeing the train the second time

4. I knew where to get some good food and chill while waiting for the train. After shopping, we walked straight to Punjung Cafe for some nice Thai coffee.

5. To my surprise, Punjung Cafe also serve some really good food!
Very fresh mango sticky rice (they got new mangoes from the next stall upon your order)

Nice Pad Thai

Best Pad Ka Prao of the trip

Spicy tom yum noodle

Of course, my mum must have coconut ice-cream

6. Punjung Cafe was well prepared for tourists. There were benches for their customers to see the train better.

 7. I knew Punjung Cafe always serve coffee to the loco-pilot. We asked the boss of Punjung Cafe if we could help him and he approved:

We had lots of fun in Maeklong Train Market, and especially glad with Punjung Cafe!

A bunch of happy customers

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