Friday, January 9, 2009

Let's Say Yes!!

Have you watched "Yes Man"? I love that movie!

It first started from the movie poster. I saw this, and the look on Jim Carrey's face alone makes me believe in the power of Yes, and I decided to watch this movie in the cinema!
Yes Man is a very simple yet likeable comedy. It funny, thoughtful, romantic and wonderfully life-affirming. Jim Carrey (he never fail to entertain me with his kinetic energy and enthusiasm.)is well-suited to this likeable Carl Allen, who turned from consistently avoiding social interaction to a guy that say yes to everything. With this change, Carl takes up the guitar, learns to pilot a plane, studies Korean and even takes the Asian mail-order bride. Oh, and you have to love Zooey Deschanel for being the drop-dead gorgeous free spirited Allison.

How I wish I can show this to everyone I care and tell them this is exactly how I want to live my life - to always say yes to opportunities. Why shut yourselves in your comfort zone and say no to every single opportunities that knock on your door?

Friends, let's say "YES!!"

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Yes, Ma'am.