Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Best Garlic Rice in Penang

Up to date, Chai Diam Ma still serve the best garlic rice in Penang.

We love this dish so much that we keep on going back to this small little shop whenever we have time. (Well, time is a super important factor in this case. The speed of them processing the food is incredibly slow, where you have to factor in 1 hour of waiting time even if you are the first customer of the shop!)

Shop Exterior - you have to pay attention when you walk along Queen Street

Besides Garlic Rice, I have tried their various udon and macaronies too (but yet to try their sandwiches and pizza) but I'm not impressed. However, I love the ambience, and the Garlic Rice make sure I keep on returning to this restaurant.

Vegetarian Udon

Bacon Udon

cute arts on sales

Very nice to see, too hot to sit :)

Cozy corner

They even have an art gallery upstair
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