Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Happiest Place On Earth

This is my 3rd visit to a Disneyland. First in California, second in Hong Kong, and here I am, back in California Disneyland again.
I am not so keen of re-visiting this place. One have learnt too much truth to actually think that this place is magical. When you see Chips and Dale walking around, I bet you are not as excited as the kids as you know someone is inside, and that someone may not even love chipmunks.

I really wish to spend more time exploring LA. However, since I have promised the little girl if she accompany me to US, I will accompany her to the theme parks, so here we are, taking photos with Mickey and friends as everyone does.

Well, based on what I said earlier, you may think I wouldn't really enjoy myself in this theme park. Haha! you are so wrong! I love every moment of it! How could you not fall in love with the happiest place on earth? Laughters are everywhere, the kids are putting smile on everyone's face, the aura in this place is pure happiness.

To ensure we don't regret in the future,we decided to get ourselves a USD125/pax park-hopping-1-day-ticket. Our first target is the Car Land at California Adventure Land. Unfortunately the Radiator Spring Racers was broken and the FASTPASS were concluded for the day early in the morning! Well, still, Car Land is a great place since I love Radiator Spring. I even met Mater and it's fun! (We did came back to check for Radiator Spring Racers later in the afternoon and the queue was 2.5hours long. Sigh...... I don't have time for this.)
We then got ourselves enough dosage of 3D/4D, roller coaster, and got ourselves real wet too before we head to Disneyland Park. 
For Disneyland Park, we have only one thing each in our must do list: I MUST be on the Star Tours while Ching Ching will not leave Disneyland without the Space Mountain.
Our strategy was to get the FASTPASS of these 2 rides first, then have some shopping before come back to these rides later.

After getting our Star Tours FASTPASS, we ran to Space Mountain only to find out that the FASTPASS were concluded for the day too! We were so disappointed! The queue was so long and I don't think I would like to spend one or two hours standing in the queue doing nothing in Disneyland. The Disneyland worker taking care of the Space Mountain FASTPASS must have felt our "pain", (or we must be just too cute to be ignore :p), he decided to show us a magic, and pulled out two overdue FASTPASS from behind of my ears, and let us walk down the Space Mountain FASTPASS lane immediately! So touched!

As a die hard Star Wars fans and a person that grow up with Disney cartoons and movies, Star Tours is like a dream come true for me. The ride itself got nothing to shout about (3D / 4D rides no longer impress me nowadays, a bit boring actually :p), however, walking in the queue while "boarding" felt like boarding on a space ship that got something to do with the Rebel Alliance, besides, R2D2 and C3PO are talking (and beep-ing) non-stop, assisting you during the boarding. After the ride, you will come to a store selling everything about Star Wars, from T-shirts to models, from  light sabers to phone covers, caps, mugs, pins, stationaries, lego, jackets etc. The Force is strong in here. I almost went crazy!
Since I do not have specifically any other rides in mind, I spent almost an hour in the store admiring all these cute figures and got Wei, En and myself some cute T-shirt.

Having fun with Mickey-Ears-R2D2-hat
I'm having Jedi training 

After having fun with everything Star Wars, of course, we still find time for pirates and wandering around the park. Our last itinerary in Disneyland was the parade at Main Street U.S.A. (no fireworks on the day of our visit). After the parade, we rushed back to California Adventure Land for World of Colour. There were already a lot of people gathering at Paradise Pier. We have to squeeze ourselves in to get a spot that both of us at least can see the Mickey's Fun Wheel. (Make sure you got yourself a FASTPASS for better viewing location. We were too busy having fun, forgot to collect our FASTPASS for World of Colour and ended up got to stand at some lousy location).
When the show started, everyone was awed. The vibrant lights illuminated fountains dance to mesmerizing music. The classic characters of Disney and Pixar appear magically on the mist screen. That's really a magical, vibrant 25 minutes! Don't miss this!

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