Friday, June 21, 2013

Cuti-cuti "Half" Peninsular Malaysia - Day 2 - Kedai Kopi White House

My dad used to work in Kota Bharu more than 3 decades ago, when I was 4 or 5. I remembered my first flight experience is to visit my dad in Kota Bharu with my mum and my grandma. I don't really remember much of Kota Bharu, except some weird Malay-grammar-hokkien, the flood, my first ever Malay friend who played masak-masak with me every afternoon communicating in an unknown common language, the metal bed at the second (or third) floor of the shop where I secretly throw in a lot of grape seeds hoping that one day I have a vine bed (the idea still sounds cool to me to date though it never happened), the banana leaf Indian Restaurant (that none of us could recall the name and failed to find the restaurant during this trip), and, THE Kedai Kopi White House. Some how, the half boiled eggs stayed vividly in my memory.

Wei Wei taking picture of the signboard of The White House

My dad missed the nasi dagang, and both my parents confirmed that this shop serves one of the best coffee in Malaysia. So, planning a breakfast at The Kedai Kopi White House is inevitable.

We were lucky to find a table when we arrived. This White House is almost always full house. We ordered 7 sets of half-boiled-eggs, kaya toasts and coffee. While waiting, we grabbed almost every single types of nasi that the shop sells. All of these nasi were good! Unfortunately, the nasi dagang was no longer the nasi dagang that my dad remembered, he missed the one cooked with "red rice". I have no memory of that and I still think the one we had was very good :)

When we almost done with our nasi, the half boiled eggs were served. To appreciate how good the half boiled eggs were, first, you must understand that these were cook simply by adding boiled water into the traditional iron mug (of course, with eggs inside la~). They must have really spent effort in doing their DOE and perfect their RSM. I bet they have their own high standard in selecting their raw material too. The results: marvelous!

The half boiled egg and the aromatic coffee make a perfect breakfast combination! Oh, and that toast!! The bread is toasted with charcoal (that explained why you have to wait and wait and wait), crispy outside, fluffy inside. And, the kaya is the kill. I am never fancy of kaya but I have to admit that their homemade kaya is good. Not too sweet, not too lemak, not too thick, just nice for me.

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