Monday, June 24, 2013

Simple Yummy at Chew Jetty

I blogged about Chew Jetty Cafe last year. This is one of the places we frequented. The food is simple, good and cheap.

Besides the normal hawker food, you can also have home-cook-seafood here. The phone number of the home-cook-seafood is written on the blackboard of the coffee shop. You can always call and place order. (Be early though, sometimes the food finished before 7:45pm!). The owner will bring the food from their home at Chew Jetty to the coffee shop.

"Chi Ya Hu" is my favorite fish for deep fried. Not a fancy dish but this is no longer a dish that you can easily get. My mum does cook from time to time but she always complain about the price ("This used to be something very cheap, used to be fish for the poor", she has to repeat this every time we have this at home)

"Balitong" too is hard to get now. Ever since the outbreak of Hyperthesis a few decades ago, "Balitong" and cockles share the same faith where they were listed as the high risk food. "Balitong" status dropped from one of the most popular Malaysian seafood to something no one seeks after. So, for Balitong lovers out there, you can always come to Chew Jetty Cafe to practice you sucking skill :)

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