Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cuti-cuti "Half" Peninsular Malaysia - Day 2 - Nasi Ulam Kampung Kraftangan

After our Batik Workshop, we went back to Pasir Belanda to shower and change before we continue our exploration.

Our first stop of the day: Nasi Ulam Kampung Kraftangan (to be very honest, we were aiming for the food, visiting the Craft Museum was just something you do just because you were already there)

Nasi Ulam Kampung Kraftangan

This restaurant serves varieties of food. It is self-service so you could take your own sweet time to explore the food counter while having headache deciding what to take base on your stomach capacity. Dad, who grew up with his nyonya grandmother, was especially thrilled to find the variety of ulam that he could choose from. I was surprise that the sambal, sauces (they even have durian sauce!!), chillies, kuah are all free flow!!

The senior citizens and I, somehow, at some point of our youth, were trained in eating with bare hand. With such simple yet delicious food, we decided to eat with bare hand, just like to locals. I have to say it was really fun in a traditional restaurant like this. Believe it or not, eating with bare hand actually made the food taste better :)

The Ulam

Deep fried ikan keli

Traditional style fried chicken

Hmm.... I don't remember the name of this dish

This is a restaurant that you should never miss if you were to visit Kota Bharu. It serves good and extremely cheap food! With the dishes listed above, a cup of milo ice and 6 cups of teh tarik, lunch for seven of us cost less than RM40!

How to go? Just set your GPS to Kampung Kraftangan :)

of course, we had a brief visit at the Craft Museum too

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