Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cuti-cuti "Half" Peninsular Malaysia - Day 4 - Sunrise at Panorama Hill

3rd June 2013:  
Driving route: Sungai Lembing --> Kuala Lumpur

We woke up at 5am and left Lembing Riverview Resort for the Panorama Hill sunrise at 5:30am. Except papa, none of us brought torch light. Luckily there were other tourists too so everyone was helping each other.

For a place to view the sea of clouds, Panorama Hill is relatively low. Averagely tourists take about one hour to fight the steep stairs to reach the top. If you are going with kids or senior citizens, be careful. Though relatively low, this hill is still quite challenging.

We reached the top right before sunrise. Though not as crowded as my previous trip, still, it was hard to find a great spot for photo. So instead of focusing on the sunrise like everyone else, I took quite some Chinese-painting-style-photos. 

Our luck was good but not great. The sun was blocked by huge, thick cloud! So instead of the view of egg york coming out from the horizon, we got to see the "golden-lining" decorating the cloud.

I wish I can paint something like this......

Hard work, everyone :)

Going downhill was equally hard. Dad and I walked slowly while the others went to the market to grab some breakfast (phobia, from previous night experience)

Tips: For those that plan to visit Sungai Lembing, sigh..... it is really hard to choose. If you go during weekend, most probably you have to fight for food (and everything else) with a lot of tourists. If you go on weekdays, most of the famous stalls are not open.

After breakfast, just like any responsible tourists, we visited the village, the suspension bridge, and the famous Lembing noodle making factory.

The Sungai Lembing noodle shop owner told me that no matter how much she made, the tourists "sapu" within an hour. I guessed the Singaporeans just love this traditional food.

After our short Sungai Lembing trip, we drove all the way to KL to meet our uncle. It was a long drive, luckily there's someone kept me entertained :)

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