Friday, July 26, 2013

Exploring Ipoh Old Town

We had a very short road trip in the second last weekend of May 2013.
Our driving route for the 3D2N: Penang --> Ipoh --> Bukit Tinggi --> Bentong --> KL --> Ipoh --> Penang.

Ipoh is my second hometown. I spent 7 years of my preteen in this clean, lovely town (now a city). So, I always have a soft spot for Ipoh. I always try to plan a brief stop at Ipoh, whenever I can, when I'm on my Malaysia road trip.

This round, we skipped our favorite dimsum. Instead, we had some nice breakfast at 2 different coffee shops in the old town. I just love to explore this part of Ipoh city.

All the walls have stories to tell......

And I bet this tree can talk like an Ent, with stories worth passing down, for days and nights.

Every corner, there's an old charm standing tall, waiting for you to explore.

And I love all the passages to the past......

And most importantly, I love how life continues, in this rustic corner of the modern city......

As usual, we first went to Nam Heong for the addictive White Coffee. Before the "Old Town White Coffee" franchise era, this street was where our family spent our Sunday morning, for the aromatic white coffee, and the to kill for roasted pork.
After I had my favorite white coffee, and some food, we went to the famous Thean Chun Restaurant, which is fondly known as The Hall of Mirrors.

This, surprisingly, was my first visit. With the 95% full stomach, I still couldn't resist but ordered a lot of food! (well, at least to my standard). None of them really made an effort to help me so we actually spent more than 1.5 hour there, trying very hard to finish my 2nd round breakfast.

Because this gang that followed me on the road trip was not so keen in food, I guess I have to arrange for another makan-makan trip to Ipoh.

I'll be back.....

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