Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cuti-cuti "Half" Peninsular Malaysia - Return of the Masterpieces

As I have told you earlier, we enrolled in a batik workshop and we enjoyed the experience very much. However, our masterpieces were accidentally sent to the Australian family when they left Pasir Belanda Resort. Pasir Belanda Resort owner promised to try to contact the Australian family after their Taman Negara trip and try to get them to send the batik to my home address when they reach Kuala Lumpur. This happened almost 2 months ago. We thought we will never see our masterpieces again.....

Then, last week, I received an email from Pasir Belanda Resort. I was told that the parcel was returned to the sender. I suspected something wrong with Bukit Mertajam post office, or the postmen working in Bukit Mertajam, or even something wrong with my house address since I always face problems with the postal service (remember the Threadless episode?). So, I gave them my office address instead. 

So, finally, this morning, the parcel arrived!!!
With Pasir Belanda address written on the back of the envelope

It's so nice to finally see the final products! This is the first time I see our final products!
Nicely wrapped

Again, another shot!

I was so excited! I have to open up all these 3 in the office, almost immediately!

Sonia's masterpiece, dolphin and friends, get the most thumbs ups!

Wei's bright and vibrant artwork, the sunflowers and the butterfly, is quite popular too!

However, I still love my cute little mushrooms the most! They reminded me of the lovely China Dance from Fantasia :)

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