Friday, June 27, 2014

Melbourne to Adelaide via GOR - Day 5

This is the most relaxing day of our trip. We basically had only 2 things in mind for this day - up close with koala and kangaroos feeding.

We woke up relatively late, and delightfully found that the whole park was almost covered in golden colour of autumn leaves. We spent our morning taking photos, having long shower, and mainly doing nothing and relaxing at Mount Barker Caravan & Tourist Park. (This park is located in a housing area, no highway noise, but relatively more tourists than other parks that we have stayed. It is very shady and clean. This park is strategically located. Very near to Mount Barker town. When we drove from Hahndorf the night before, we noticed that the Coles Mount Barker, which is just about 5 minutes walk away from the park, open until late evening)

Still remember the pork knuckle that we ordered the night before at Hahndorf Inn? Well, we got a doggie bag and brought back the whole plate of untouched pork knuckle. We shredded the meat, fried them with garlic and carrots, and use vegetable to wrap the shredded meat (just like the Korean) as breakfast. The leftover sausages were used for baked potatoes. These actually went very well with fruits.

This was our last day on our mobilehome. Before leaving the park, we had a brief 5S session. I even washed the mobilehome (really, too ashamed to return the car with hundreds of insects carcasses on the vehicle)!

Busy doing house keeping

while on our way....
We left the park at 10am and went straight to the Cleland Wildlife Park.

The koala close-up sessions are 11am~12pm, and 2pm~4pm. We were there just in time for this.

Contradict to what we were told and what we imagined before the trip, this koala is clean and not smelly. The fur is smooth and nice to touch. The only problem -- koala focus only on eating. It has zero interest on human beings that went crazily excited around it so basically it was an one-way communication instead of fun interaction.


What I really enjoyed was feeding the kangaroos and wallabies that are free to roam the open spaces. They were curious and friendly (and hungry) so basically they were the center of attention. We were trying our very best to "lure" them with food so that we can pet them and take tons of photos. My original plan was to lie on the lawn and place the food on my stomach so that I can take some selfie with kangaroos. However, there were too many dungs on the lawn, I gave up that plan and had kangaroos eat out of my palm instead.



The Unofficial Symbol of Australia

After spending hours in the wildlife park (and over spent hours here), we finally left the wildlife park and headed to Adelaide to return our mobilehome. Took us about half-an-hour to reach.

The returning process at Apollo was efficient and simple. I went to the office while the girls brought down the luggage. There was only one worker then. After he finished serving the other customer, he asked if I need a taxi, and started to arrange for everything. The moment he finished checking the mobilehome, our taxi was already there to pick us up.

Please refer to my post about "Melbourne to Adelaide via GOR on a Mobilehome for 5 Days 4 Nights" for the driving route.

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