Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Coolest Mc Donald in the World

I don't usually go McD. Fast food only comes into picture when the hygiene of that place is really in question, or when no one else is operating a restaurant at that hours (siesta / after 5pm / before 10am etc at various countries around the world!). However, during our recent New Zealand trip, I purposely planned a stop at Taupo for lunch, because, who doesn't want to sit inside a vintage plane and have a meal?
The plane, a Douglas DC3 aircraft, was built in 1943 and was one of three used by South Pacific Airlines of New Zealand from 1961 to 1966. 

You can only go to the aeroplane via the main building of the restaurant. Since there are no flight attendance serving food and drinks in the plane, this is only the logical arrangement.

Having fun!

This Mc Donald comes with the "create-your-taste" feature. You can go to the touchscreen and select EVERY INGREDIENTS that you wish to have in your burger. Though the process takes longer than normal, I really enjoyed the process. Selecting own ingredients made me feel like I'm the "designer" and I loved the outcome too.

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