Friday, May 29, 2009

Dance Partner, Anyone?

I always wanted to have a dog, a pig, or any pet with high intelligence that is smart enough to play with me. How I wish I have a dance partner like Keeper!


Hui Fern said...


Ying Ying 盈盈 said...

Hi, Hui Fern, wow, you are so active! OK, I'll go to the website and have a look.
Hey, Penang botanical garden Pesta Bunga just started. Want to go there this coming weekend?

Hui Fern said...

Pesta Bunga until when? Maybe we can arrange cos too long never meet liao. Hey, ask more friends to join the photography forum and etc.Do you know any friends like 手工创意?

Ying Ying 盈盈 said...

Pesta Bunga until this coming Sunday, I think. Want to meet?

薇薇 said...

Hi Hui Fern, i saw your comment on my photoblog about the fackervillage. I'm very very interested :D
I'm in the midst of housemoving now, I hope i have photos to submit to you by then :)
you guys have fun in pesta bunga la~~~~