Monday, May 18, 2009


Wei and Yuan have blogged about "My Beloved Cousins" and "I Love My Cousins", and now it's my turn.

I have been very busy recently so even though I wanted to blog about our "Mother's Day" celebration (but I think we all have more fun than the mums), I kept dragging it and now I'm not in the mood anymore.

I wanted to make a video or slideshow or something special for all the photos that we took on 9th May 2009 (our Mother's Day celebration) but until now I don't have all the photos with me yet so I decided to skip.

But still, I have to tell the whole world, how lucky I am to be extraordinary close with my cousins. We did not physically grow up together (and I'm way too old to 'grow up' together with anyone of them) but we have this special bonding that whenever we are together, there's no gap between us. We hang out with our cousins a lot (Sara, Steven, Sonia, sorry, you are too far away ;p), shopping, movies, food...... We share our latest projects, talk about our dreams......Sometimes we day dreaming together, share our 'life experience'......
And most important of all, we always have FUN together!
(from left, me, Wei Wei, Amelia, Clifford, Brendon, Christopher, Jia En, Harry, Katherine)
missing from this picture: Charles (when everyone run to the camera, he run towards E&O Hotel), Sara & Steven & Sonia (at U.S. now), Matthew (too young, his parents wo't allow him to join us for the crazy outdoor photoshoot)
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