Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unreasonable Goal

Anthony Robbins always talk about "unreasonable goals".
Every person that has rocked the foundations of humanity has been unreasonable. Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat to a white person was at the time being unreasonable, but because she was unreasonable, she managed to change the world.
So, be unreasonable with your goals, be unreasonable with your dreams, be unreasonable with your life and aim for something that is currently thought impossible.

For a person that has never learnt how to ride a bicycle for the past 35+ years,  setting "able to ride a bicycle before age 36" as one of my 2012 Q3 goal sounds unreasonable to me :)
Plan to organize a "Georgetown-Jalan-Jalan-Cari-Makan-Bicycle-Tour" by year 2012 also sounds very unreasonable too :)

I know this goal is something super boring / not challenging for most people. However, for me, overcoming the fear of falling down, and put down my pride and learn how to ride a bicycle in the public at the age of 35+ is a huge step for me.

Well, here I am, got myself a RM680 (pleeeaaassseee don't tell my parents!) foldable-7-gears bicycle.

Stay tune for my progress :)
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