Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nasi Kak Wok

(Kelantanese, please don't kill me for this post!)

Maybe because Kak Wok already passed away and her heirs' cooking is just a little bit off, or maybe I have set too high of expectations, this meal was not as good as I imagined. Good, but not extra ordinary.

This is a shop without sign. I came to look for it during my previous 5D4N "Half" Peninsular Malaysia Self Drive trip but it was closed on Friday. This round, to make sure we won't miss this place, I got my Kelantan friend to sit beside me and confirmed the shop on Google Street :)

This, is the original Nasi Kak Wok at Kampung Lundang, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra:

We arrived late, most of the pots are empty. Luckily there were still some pre-packed nasi kak wok asal selling so we quickly grabbed 6 packs!

The curry is slightly sweet and the fried chicken is a bit salty so the taste is layered and fragrant. Good and unique, but not something that can make me return to Kota Bharu :)

Note: their drinks are too sweet for our liking too.

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eira eixora said...

kelantanese love to eat something sweet. me somehow dont like if it too sweet :)