Friday, December 19, 2008

McQueen & Sally

I always love McQueen and Sally as a couple. I love the scene when Sally and McQueen drive and have fun along Route 66. Now I have he balloons, I just can't stop taking photos of them. (OK, call me crazy. But if you have 2 Cars character balloon art with you, I bet you will take tons of photos too!) Balloon-McQueen is so cute and Balloon-Sally is so sweet! (Of course, Choo will tell you Sally is a much better version - after he modified base on the experience he gain in making McQueen.)

After having fun taking photos, before I left office, I insisted Khor bring McQueen home for Bryan. Kids will sure love McQueen. Letting Bryan play with McQueen is better than let me take home, put under my Christmas tree, and continue to take tons of photos ;p

Anyway, since Sally is with me, how could I resist taking more photos?? (^^)

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