Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Vader

Darth Vader finally decided to come out from the dark side and visited our office today. However, he was too rush and forgotten to bring his cloak.
So I helped him with a "sampah long" and obviously he was quite happy with the outcome.

Influenced by the holiday mood in our office, he started to feel the Xmas Force.

He even wear the Santa hat that Choo made for him!!

Knowing how huge a Star Wars fan I am, Darth Vader decided to give me the honour to be his driver. (I just can't stop smiling.....)

And who said he's just a cruel, heartless, coolest villain of all time? He visited us, and had dinner with me!!! Even though he has never kept his light saber, I'm still touched!

Oh, and of course, like every visitors to my house, I always take photos of them with my 6" Xmas tree (^^)
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