Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Unforgettable" Fish

What would you say if someone wants to buy you dinner with "The Unforgettable Fish" (忘不了)as the main dish?
My first response is "eerrrr......apa itu?"

"Empurau is known as the most expensive fish in the country. Its prices can reach as high as RM1800 per kilogram in Kuala Lumpur."
My next reaction is "YES! YES! YES!!"
Well, honestly, I have been looking foward for the dinner ever since. I am curious. How great must a fish taste to cost RM900+/600gram?? How great must the texture and aroma be for one to think it worth RM900+/600gram?? I am sure that even if I am a multi-billionaire, I woudn't spend RM900+/600gram on a fish, but I really don't mind trying if someone wish to buy me dinner. I really don't mind try this once in my life :)
The "Unforgettable Fish" that we finally tasted is about 1.5kg (do your maths!). After I had the first bite, the host ask me "what do you think?". Well, that is one of those embarrasing moments that you wish you can just disappear. I think I'm rude to say "good" or "tasty" (I guess after you spend more than RM2000 on a fish, you would expect someone act like those Japanese/Taiwanese food channel host, making the orgasm expression and praise the fish in joy and tears) but I do not want to violate my principle to start to sing the praises as well. :)
To me, the most unique thing about this fish is that the scale is edible. It is actually very tasty but I have to say, it is WAY over-rated. To me, even paying RM500 / fish is already way too much! I'm not sure if those think that this is the best-tasting fish they have ever, ever eaten in their life tell you the truth, or they just simply say this because of the unbelievable high price.  

We had an unforgettable dinner, we had great fun that night. The fish stays unforgettable due to the price :)
If you are looking for a great gourmet experience with RM3000 budget, please, just skip this fish and you can eat like an emperor!!

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