Sunday, April 28, 2013

Overpriced Cafe

We planned for a simple lunch at Georgetown yesterday, not knowing that it was a replacement school day. Traffic was terrible and it was hard to get a parking lot in Georgetown. Our initial plan was to try the Micke's Place but it was closed. We then went to The Mugshot Cafe and it was full house!! So, we ended up at this lovely famous cafe at Muntri Street.

The decoration has not much changes since Cafe-C. It still has the cozy ambiance of old charm. I have always wanted to come and try what the new owner has to offer but I have dragged this for years. Finally.

I am still very excited about everything, until I saw the menu. Overall, everything is overpriced for Georgetown standard. I told myself "who knows, maybe the food is heavenly, maybe the portion is huge" so we ordered what the waitress recommended (I always do this when I go to any restaurant that I've never tried before. I always believe that the waiters and waitresses must have known what are the best)

We ordered one Seafood Tapas (RM89), one Traditional Tapas (RM55), a cup of cappuccino, a glass of plain water, and 2 glasses of fruit juices. The bill says RM219 for 4 of us!!!

This is what we get for the 2 tapas sets

The food doesn't come with huge portion as you can see from the photo. The juices are forgettable. The food is not bad, but very far away from heavenly. Nothing to shout about.

I still think this is a good place to enjoy the peaceful weekend at Georgetown, as long as you don't mind paying two three times higher price than other cafes.However, if your purpose is just to sit down and chit chat with friends, or to read a book while sipping coffee, or just to enjoy the rustic / nostalgic feel of Georgetown, I could easily list more than 10 cafes that you should consider FIRST before this :)

Not bad, really, just overpriced.
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