Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Geekiest Games of TBBT

I found certain games that the guys in The Big Bang Theory play pretty amusing. I'm not referring to the video games or board games or card games that they still playing today. I am referring to the cooler, geekier, funnier games that they played back then, in the earlier seasons.

1) To switch on light through satellite (S01E09)
The guys are in awe (and so do TBBT fans around the world) when they hooked their lights, stereo and radio-controlled cars to the Internet, allowing them to be controlled remotely. It is the idea that count, it is "because we can" :)

2) starch and water (S02E03)
How come we never had non-Newtonian fluid experiment in school? Our science labs need more fun than our current syllabus.

3) Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Lunch / Chess (S02E18)
Be it Secret Agent Laser Obstacle lunch or chess, seeing them acting like Johnny English in action with Sabre Dance as background music is hilarious. I do think these are some cool games that we can play when all my crazy cousins are around.

4) Time Machine (S01E14)
OK, honestly, I do think the idea of playing with the time machine is quite dumb. However, I somehow feel connected, seeing 4 of them being so obsessed with a game that all of them enjoy. With a little bit of imagination, it is like being a child all over again.

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