Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Happy Customer

It was all started with Wei Wei bought me a lovely T-shirt on-line.
It was bought from Threadless, and it is named as "Mozart: Decomposing since 1791". It is clever, nerdy and funny, and I love it!
However, this didn't turn me into an on-line shopper. Not yet.

Mozart: Decomposing since 1791

In the beginning of this year, I accidentally fell in love with The Big Bang Theory, and I was crazily searching for the nerdy T-shirt and shower curtain online, and that's how I ended up became an on-line shopper. Threadless is the online store with all the crazy/funny/nerdy designs, and all these designs come with awesome names, just like all the classic art work!

(1) First Purchase
My first purchase was cool. It was separated into 2 shipments because some orders were available while some orders need re-print. The first parcel I received was a great art in a squishy bag :)

My first ever Threadless on-line shopping experience

It contained a very cool T-shirt that is full with spoilers. This T-shirt is named "Spoilt". I didn't want to over pampered myself so even though I love this design so much, I decided to buy for En and not myself.

I also got myself a pack of 3 notebooks, as my future travel journal.
From left: "Thumbper", "Field Study 01" and "Break Free"

The second batch of my first purchase did arrive as planned. I had an extremely bad episode with POS Malaysia. Anyway, due to Threadless' excellence customer service, I was so glad with them (and of course, so glad with all the e-vouchers too), I had my 2nd purchase real soon....
From left: Life of Pie, Hugs Keep Us Alive, Life of Pie, Midnight Snack

(2) Second Purchase
During my second purchase, I was telling myself that it is ok since I'm only going to spend with my 20% discount voucher. So, this time, I decided to spend the voucher on all the more expensive series, including Marvel, Disney and Sesame Street.

To ease my guilt, I bought one each for Wei and En too. En got a very cool Vitruviron Man, while Wei got the one that she previously pointed out as super cute "Bad Hair Day".

Vitruviron Man

Bad Hair Day

I, on the other hand, got myself THREE!!!
From Left: "Evil Dr. Porkchop", "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Cookie", "Infinito"

I bought "Evil Dr. Porkchop" because, you know, who doesn't love the imaginary Evil Dr. Porkchop!? You'd especially enjoy it if you watch Toy Story 3 in Cantonese, where he appeared in a dramatic entrance with Andy shouting "邪恶猪扒博士来啦!"

I bought the "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Cookie" not because I like Cookie Monster, but I think the Jaws-Poster-design is clever and funny. I could almost hear the ostinato bass dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum....

I HAVE TO buy Infinito! It reminded me of the crazy Spanish-mode-Buzz. Just in case you forgot about that hilarious scene, watch this:

(3) Third Purchase
I forgot how, but after all the great experiences I had with Threadless, I ended up with 3 e-voucher that worth USD10 each. To stop myself from the extremely-frequent-on-and-off browsing of Threadless website, I've decided to spend that 3 e-vouchers in one shot and end the short term addiction. (Well, you should notice, I didn't say "final purchase")
From Left: "Penny", "The Three Trials", "The Gaming Revolution"

I wanted to get Ah En a Star Wars inspired design named "Emperor". The Force is strong with this one. However, the die hard gamer opted for "The Gaming Revolution", which I don't quite understand. I mean the design.

I got myself "The Three Trials". Something only the Indiana Jones Fans would get excited about. Besides, it is never easy to find a great Indiana Jones T-shirt. The last time I went to Bangkok night market, they have almost every famous films design, except Indy!

And I just got to buy "Penny"!
Though some people complained that it looks nothing like Kaley, but I think that's the point. You have to guess!
First, of course, it is a penny.
Secondly, you must pay attention to see "In Nerds We Trust" to link it to The Big Bang Theory, and hence, Penny :)
I love it!

I look at my Threadless experience, and I concluded their success as below: 
1) Excellence customer service is the key! 
If Crystal (Threadless Help Ambassador) is not as friendly or as helpful as she is, I might have gave up talking to POS Malaysia, and I might have considered that a loss. Most probably, I will never visit Threadless again, or worse still, totally abandon online shopping FOREVER!
2) DESIGN is the soul.
Threadless have endless cool designs that made it stand out from various on-line T-shirt shops. It suits the needs of huge spectrum of coolness :)
3) Embrace talents
Threadless welcome talents all around the world to submit their art work to various design challenges (with different themes). I bet this is how they get endless sources of awesomeness.


薇薇 said...

threadless should pay u for advertising for them!

Ying Ying 盈盈 said...

Haha, must share this link with them lo :p

BB said...

I thought you said you will not buy cloth on-line