Saturday, March 15, 2014

Poached Egg in Miso

The drought in Penang seems never ending. I have not had weekend afternoon tea in the garden for months. So when it started to rain, all my cells celebrate with joy.

I decided to continue my egg-mania for the rain celebration. I craved for something hot so I decided to go for poached egg in miso.

Contrary to the "almost-full-factorial-runs" in making onsen tamago in the office (with very limited cooking appliances available), I had my almost-perfect poached egg in the first run (after getting some tips from the internet, of course).

1. bring water to almost boiling.
2. crack an egg into a small bowl so that it is easier for you to carefully and slowly drop the egg into the water. (I have no confidence in the stillness of my hand in dropping the egg gracefully so I cheated. See the picture on the right)
3. turn off the heat and let the egg sit for 4 minutes.
4. take out the egg and it is ready to be served.

After I took out the egg, I boiled the water balance in the pot to cook my miso soup. Use some of the miso soup as the sauce for the poached egg. To add the flavor, I sprinkled some pepper and katsuobushi.

Perfect for a rainy Saturday evening!

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