Monday, March 10, 2014

How I Survive the Toilet-Bowl-Falling

I am a 5 years old iPhone 3GS. I know, I'm almost eternal for tech years standard. But I'm still functioning well, still shining like a newly bought, and most importantly, my owner loves me.

Last Sunday, we went for a casual window shopping at Seberang Jaya AEON City. Instead of putting me in her handbag like she always does, she placed me in her pocket. Waiting for some calls I guessed. We went to the washroom in the shopping mall, and she picked a squat toilet, and that's how the tragic begins.

When she's half squatting, I slowly slipped out from her pocket. I cried for help but she can't hear me. I tried to grab something but Steve Jobs had me designed in slick appearance so nothing managed to hold my smooth body. I dived like an Olympic champion and made a graceful entry into the toilet bowl. She must have heard the noise and start checking her handbag to see if anything dropped. It was seconds later she noticed it was me!

She quickly took me out from the toilet bowl, had me wrapped up in toilet paper while she still insisted to do her business. After that, she washed her hand, unwrapped me, wiped me with wet tissue, then tried hard to dry me.

I was hot, and dizzy, my camera lens was wet, and my screen no longer function properly. She tried to put me to power off mode but failed. So both of us went to Starbucks. She ordered her favorite drink, read her book while patiently trying to switch me off. I was hallucinating during that process. I made a few random calls, activated a few rounds of voice control, took some random picture etc before I finally shutdown.

She brought me home, took out the SIM card, and buried me in a full container of uncooked rice. I guessed she intended to put me into a zip-lock beg full with Silica Gel Packets. However, since zip-lock begs and Silica Gel Packets are not the common things that one stored at one's house for emergency, she used Lock & Lock instead.

It was a long 80 hours wait for me. (I heard the original plan was to incubate me for 72 hours, but I guessed she's not in any hurry). Will I dry totally? Can I still function properly? Is this the end for me??

Well, after the long wait, finally, she took me out from the container at the 80th hour, and placed the SIM card. My battery already flat so I must be charged first before she could check my functionality.

Once I have around 5% battery life, she tried to switch me on but can't connect to CELCOM. Both of us were worried. After few rounds of retry, finally she got her line. She then tried the wifi, functioning well too. She can even update her Facebook status. I guessed she was pretty happy that my 2 main functions are functioning well again.

The next day, she took a beautiful photo of her mum's garden and confirmed that my camera function well too!

So, here I am, survive the toilet-bowl-falling and live to tell you the tale.

What should you do if you dropped your iPhone in water? Here's the steps:
1) take it out from the water (of course :p)
2) dry it. As dry as you can.
3) power off your phone.
4) remove the SIM card
5) put it into an airtight container that is full with silica gel or uncooked rice (to absorb the moist in the phone) for more than 72 hours (some said they managed to do it with around 48 hours)


薇薇 said...

Lol, speechless! :P

Jia En Khoo said...

When the phone got shut off, why it still know what is going on? It should be in comatose state... Haha