Friday, August 7, 2015

Caversham Wildlife Park

Of course, I must show off my photo with koalas
I love Caversham Wildlife Park!

I visited Cleland Wildlife Park last year, and I thought it was great. To my delight, Caversham is even better!

First of all, you'll have chance to get up close with many iconic Australian animals including koalas, wombats, kangaroos, wallabies etc.

Secondly, the 'rangers' are very professional and friendly. They are knowledgeable and hence gave a lot of insightful tips. They also patiently answered our questions, and helped us took some group photos.

Thirdly, all the attractions (be it photo sessions or food for feeding) are inclusive in the entrance fee. No extra fee needed.

Oh, and my parents got discounted entrance fee for being over 60 years old too.

I'm sure they got a lot of visitors from Malaysia

We arrived early in the morning, right after the park was open. Based on my previous experience, normally visitors flood the koalas sanctuary. So I led everyone rushing to "Meet the Koalas" zone. To our surprise, we were the only visitors there. The ranger asked us to wait for another half an hour while he was cleaning the place. After finished his tasks, even though it was not the scheduled time yet, he happily invited us to go in to the "koalas sanctuary". Most of them were sleeping, except the youngest one was busy eating. The ranger gave very detail explanations about koalas behavior and habitat, and he answered our questions patiently. Everyone enjoy touching them, watching them eating and sleeping and totally ignore the human beings.

how many koalas can you spot?

After we finally took enough photos of the koalas, we started to explore the park. For me, this was like an educational tour as there are so many new vocabularies to learn. I'd say I don't know half of the animals here. The park was separated in a few sections that representing various parts of Australia, and most of the enclosures house more than one species so you really have to pay attention if you really wish to learn more about the animals.


Elegant fox

So colourful

kangaroo joeys nursing area

wallabies taking shelter from rain
It started to rain when we were near the "Wombat and Friends" section so we decided to take shelter there while waiting for the session to start.

We thought "Wombat and Friends" is an animals show. However, we later found out that this is where you get close encounter with the animals. You can touch the wombat, bobtail, possum, python, owl, frog-mouth, woylie, parrots etc, or take countless photos (and without extra charges)

bobtail - I always think it looks like it is at the very beginning of evolution

The super cool Frogmouth

The owl that wouldn't stop staring

Me and the golden possum

My dad touching the snake (which I skipped).
Look at his expression, must be very suspicious
about the statement of this snake being "friendly" 

WOMBAT!!!! This is the first time I met a non-sleeping-wombat!

After the rain stop, we didn't have time for the "Farm show" but we visited "Molly's Farm". It was real fun as you can walk into the farm and feed the animals. The goats just love to chew anything that they can find, including my brother's shoelace, and the turkey was trying to chase everyone away.

Took photo with the one meditating

That shoelace must be super tasty

Territorial turkey

he is smiling at me :)

Wefie with the kangaroo :)
"Kangaroo Walk Through" was our last stop at the Caversham Wildlife Park. It is a relatively huge area where the kangaroos and wallabies can wander freely.

You can interact and feed the kangaroos and wallabies. The park provided ample free food for visitors to feed the animals.

gatal, gatal

Can you see baby joey's leg hanging out from the pouch?

Baby joey in the pouch and papa is preparing to attack anyone that comes near

OK, this one with clearer view of the pouch

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