Sunday, August 9, 2015

How I Pack for One Week Autumn Trip in One 7-kg-hand-luggage

A lot of my friends complain that Air Asia promotion fare is not as cheap as it seems because the published fare in the advertisement does not include luggage fee. However, I do love this concept of adding features only when it is needed so that I can get real cheap airfare. I never really need on board entertainment because I usually sleep all the way. I never really need on board food because I usually sleep all the way and have to specially request the air stewardess not to wake me up :) And I never need to pay Air Asia luggage fee as I always manage to pack everything into my 7kg backpack, even during my one week autumn trips, when keeping warm is necessary.

I normally wear the most heavy yet comfortable items for the flight. For example, on my recent trip to Perth, I wear a bra top with legging pants, and layer with my jeans jacket and scarf. If it gets too warm, I can always take out my jacket.

What I packed in my luggage:

For bottoms, I bring only one legging pants. 

For in-house comfort clothing, I bring one old t-shirts and shorts. 

For tops, I invested in a few pieces of Uniqlo Airism. I like the fact that this collections is cool to touch and light to pack. The fact that it is quick dry make it really suitable for backpack trip as you can wash them anytime when necessary. I always bring 3 pieces so that I can mix and match. When needed, I can wear one, wash one and dry one :) I bring also 1 over-sized t-shirt and 1 blouse to match with the Airism.
Just in case it gets too cold at night, I bring one short sleeve Uniqlo heattech and one long sleeve turtle neck heattech. I like the fact that it is light and sufficiently warm when layered well.

Finally, my favorite, is the Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket. It is so light and compact that I can squeeze it into one of the lens compartment in my camera backpack, which does not eat up any space of my 7kg-hand-luggage.

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