Sunday, April 25, 2010

Harvest In Cafe Perfect Gathering

It's Jit Sin High School Chinese Orchestra Annual Concert again, and we have been looking forward for this gathering. I have been eyeing for Harvest In Cafe for quite some time but never have chance to try so I decided to organize our gathering there.

We reached there about 5:45pm and found that the shop will only open at 6pm. While wandering around the premises (and take photos, of course), I noticed that there's actually a lot of people already waiting there! Wait for the clock to strike 6! Must be very popular!

When the shop finally opened, we were the first to go in and I walked straight to this cosy corner that I have surveyed from the outside earlier. To my surprise, all the tables there were already reserved. Actually, MOST OF THE TABLES in the restaurant were already reserved. We were lucky to even have a table of our own!

Once we get the menu, I immediately understand the popularity. It's relatively cheap for well-decorated-Western-restaurant in Penang. (For reference, a black pepper chicken cost only RM9.90 and you can add RM4.90 for a non-canned-soup-of-the-day, a drink and dessert. The best part is, there's no service charge or government tax. What you see on the menu is what you pay!)

The main dishes that we had

How to go? Drive along Burmah Road (from New World Park towards Pulau Tikus direction). After Penang Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association, turn right. Go to the end of Burmah Square and turn right again. You will see a very welcoming restaurant with Grey exterior. That is Harvest In Cafe, at 10, Irrawaddy Road 

Opening hour: 11.00-3.30pm, 6pm-10pm. Closed on Sunday. Closed for dinner on Tuesday.


薇薇 said...

looks good!

盈盈 said...

ya, last time asked you to go you don't want :p

薇薇 said...

sometimes i need to make sure i loaded myself with penang food~~~~~