Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank you Micheal~

I booked a return ticket from Tiger Airline to Singapore a few months back. For those who know me must be asking. Why? What bring me to Singapore? Well, Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble (SSO) of course!!

I am so excited about this and have been looking forward for the trip. However, this afternoon, some Asia-Pacific tele-agent called me and told me that my flight on 30th April morning has been delayed to 9pm 30th April!!  DELAYED!!!! Expecting me to fly when Yo Yo Ma is playing his cello!!!??? NO WAY! I tried to explain to the tele-agent but obviously both of us need translator to translate our English to each other. Finally, I gave up and decided to call Singapore Office directly.

I was greeted by a gentleman name Micheal. Initially he offered me free ticket to fly to other places on the same day but I am not going anywhere when Yo Yo Ma is playing in Singapore! After offering me a few options that I keep on rejecting, he finally told me that "I will try to explain to my superior and get you on the flight one day earlier without additional charges". I am so glad!!

Everyone has been telling me all sorts of terrible stories about Tiger Airline, but, Micheal proved that a good warm customer service make a different!

Thank you Micheal~
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