Monday, February 2, 2015

Container Water Garden DIY

I always wanted a water feature in my home. When we first moved to our current house, I planned for a DIY project. I even bought a book almost 9 years ago for this purpose. However, this little dream stays in my to-do list for years and I never have time to make it happened.

I want to say goodbye to procrastination this year. So when my mum mentioned about having soothing sound of flowing water in our garden, I decided to make it happen, and I did.

It is much easier than I have imagined. I could have done this much earlier.

Items to prepare: a pump, 2 pots, some soil, some plants, some stones and some decorative items
Time needed: 1.5 hours.

1. Get a pot, preferably without holes at the bottom.

2. Get a smaller pot, also preferably without holes at the bottom. Fill up the bigger pot with soil.

3. Plant your preferred plants accordingly, and roughly place stones and wood for the landscaping purposes.

4. Place some decoration items to make it more interesting.

5. Fix your design, fill up the smaller pot with water, use the stones to hold the pump at the desired height (to determine the water flow direction)

Now I have lovely soothing sound of flowing water in my garden too:

Well, actually this project completed only 80%. I am still looking hard for vivid colour flower plants to fill up this pot.
See I purposely leave a space for this purpose?
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