Friday, January 16, 2015

LIEQI telephoto lens

I ordered 2 sets of LIEQI telephoto lens from Lazada Malaysia on 13th January around 8:30pm, and I received them on 15th January afternoon. I'll say their service is pretty impressive for Malaysia standard.

The packing design is simple and nice for a RM49 zoom lens :)

This is how the lens look like after mounted on the clip:

The clip-on telephoto lens look so cute when paired with my iPhone 3GS:

The left photos show the picture I took with my phone. The right photos show the picture I took with the 8X optical zoom lens, standing / sitting on the same spot.

Is it fun to play with? Of course!! However, the photo quality may not be as good as I wish because my hands tend to shake a lot when holding my phone with the relatively heavy 8x lens. Besides, to clip this lens on the phone, the alignment is slightly difficult to get correctly as compare to my previous 3-in-1 clip-on-lens.

Still, I will not complain about these images quality of a RM49 (with 5% discount some more!) 8x optical lens. I'll say it's a great toy, especially now I have a telephoto, a macro, a wide angle and a fish eye. Better range of lens than my DSLR now. Haha!

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