Friday, January 30, 2015

Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine

We had 2 functions at Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine in the past 2 months. While planning, I noticed that there're not much blog posts about the food of this restaurant serves so here I am, trying my very best to show the name of the dishes and price. 
Please forgive me for some of the unnamed dishes below, i just don't keep track of everything :).....

This stylish restaurant (I still think it is weird to name your restaurant 'stylish' but I do agree it is stylish) is located at Church Street Pier, overlooking the calm waters of the harbor near Penang Jetty. (Do take note that the address provided by Google Malaysia is wrong! Do not go to 8A, Jalan Magazine, 10300 Pulau Pinang else you will get caught in the jam and late for dinner, just like my friend did)

Interior of this stylish restaurant is very elegant and grand. We had endless photography sessions before the function started.

The interior design is quite intimidating, make you worry for your wallet. (They used to have Prefix Set Menu, but now they accept ala-carte order too.) However, for a fine dining restaurant, for the quality of food served, for the lovely and inviting ambiance, I'd say it is very reasonably priced. The first time we went, 9 of us had 2 types of venison, 2 types of lamb, 1 whole duck, chicken, vegetable, prawns and cost us RM500++. The second time we went, 27 of us in 3 tables, with the bill of RM2,242 (including tax and service charge).

My personal favorite is their venison soup. The way they serve this is already an art. Most importantly, the small chunks of venison are tender and the stew is aromatic.
Dice Venison Spicy (红油小鹿肉) - RM18

Crab 'N' Yolk (赛螃蟹) - RM58
You should definitely try their crab 'n' yolk. 赛螃蟹(literary means "as good as crab") is a famous Chinese dish. It is said that this dish was created by Empress Dowager Cixi's chef. One day, the empress craved for crab. However, Beijing is too far away from the sea, and crab is not in season. So the chef had to use his creativity and imagination, imitating the taste of crab using egg white. Surprisingly, the empress love it! So this is hence one of the famous Chinese dishes.
However, don't be fool by the name. The crab 'n' yolk in Chin's is cook with lots of crab meat!

Of course, you have to order their crispy duck too! This is their signature dish. If you order a half-bird and above, they will have "meat shredding show" at your table side.
The duck may not be as nice as Peking duck in the most famous restaurant in Beijing, but it is definitely one of the best in Malaysia.

Crispy Duck (甄招牌香酥鸭) - RM73 for half duck

Another dish with special tableside cooking is 江石滚肥牛, which means beef cook on hot stone. The cart comes with a bowl of innocent-looking-red-oil, and all the necessary ingredients. When they put the beef into that bowl, you can see the raw beef quickly sizzling into nice and tender dish.
Beef Tenderloin (江石滚肥牛) - RM36

Mongolian Lamb

Heaven Joysticks (上上签) - RM16

Oolong Fragrant Chicken (乌龙香麻鸡) - RM15

Steam Silver Codfish (清蒸银鳕鱼) - RM66

Frogleg Bambootube (竹筒田鸡) - RM38

Toffee fruits (拔丝香蕉和苹果) - RM18 per plate of 6pcs

Black sesame icecream - RM8
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