Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Aunt's 'Pseudo' Online Shopping Experience

I'll say I am a good customer. I compare quality and price, always go for the best value, and always give feedback. So if you are those companies that wish to receive honest feedbacks and have continuous improvement, I AM a good customer :)

Besides, if I have good experience, I tend to return, and I love to introduce to others. That's how my aunt ended up buying CNY clothing with me and my mum at Gurney Plaza Zalora.

Wei and I went to shop for her "Ji-Mui dress" at Gurney Plaza a few weeks ago. We shopped everey fashion stores we know and still empty handed. The colour code given was not in trend. Before we call it a day, we decidede to give Zalora a try (why would a online shopping brand want to open a store here in Gurney? We asked ourselves then)

Men fashion at the first floor and women fashion at ground floor. Seem small from the outside, but we were surprised by the collections. Apparently, this shop is a huge "trying area". All the clothes / shoes / handbags / accessories in the shop are not for sale. They are here so that you can try them on before you do your online purchase.

I LOVE this idea. I never purchase any clothing online (except t-shirts with known quality). I cannot accept the fact that I have to pay money to someone else beforer I know the quality of the material, cutting, and the workmanship. For example, buying a cotton bed sheet online, would you buy a 150 thread count at the price of RM30 or a 450 thread count at the price of RM50? I can't decide. I need to feel it. The weave and fiber still important to me. The thcikness, smoothness and softness still important to me, The actual colour (photos lie! By now everyone must accept this fact!) still important to me. So now you get my points, buying clothes definitely got more things to consider :)

So we had fun trying piles of clothes in the fitting room and Wei finally bought a few dresses, and I got a top for CNY.

Our purchase delivered to our house within 3 working days, come with Pos Laju form just in case you need to return (30 days return policy). Oh, and a 15% discount code for your next purchase too.

I brought my aunt to this shop on her birthday, and she had fun tried on piles of clothes too. Her order also delivered within 3 working days and here I am, telling you my wonderful new online shopping experience :)

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