Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Favorite Pulut Udang

I love pulut udang! Pulut udang is one of my top 5 favorite Malaysian kuih for afternoon tea. No, not Chinese- / Nyonya-style sweet pulut, but Malay-style spicy pulut panggang rempah udang!! It is good eaten hot, fresh from the charcoal fire.

My favorite pulut udang stall is the one along Jalan Baru Butterworth. Driving from Butterworth to Bukit Tengah, this stall is on your left, after Shell Petrol Station, before Masjid Jalan Baharu. (Google Street View for the location.)

I love their well flavoured spicy coconut shrimp filling, and their steamed glutinous rice is with the right amount of santan. After barbequed, the slight crust on the rice with the banana leaves aroma is exactly the way I love it.

panggang-ing :)

The pulut udang is RM0.60 each. Cheap and satisfying :) All our family members agreed that their pulut udang is the best!

They sell nasi lemak too @ RM1.20

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