Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!

OK, I'm 5 days late but I'm sure late wishes are better than none ;p

I was out of town and have no time to send my wishes to everyone I know. It's the first time that I celebrated christmas and new year with my family outside of Malaysia. And when I said family, that included my dad, mum, Ah Wei, Ah En, 3 of my cousins and one of my aunts!! We had great time and I am really looking forward for our next family trip (^^)

2009 is a tough year for many people. I have friends that hoped 2009 can just disappear in a blink of eyes and everything get back in order in year 2010. I don't feel the same pain but I do have the same wish: 2010 is a much better year than 2009.

Have a very happy new year (^^b

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