Friday, May 1, 2015

A New Hope - String of Pearls

Just 2 weeks ago, I decided to move my "String of Pearls" to my bedroom to speed up the growth rate. I NEED strings and strings of pearls.

During day time, all my windows are open and I think the temperature is below 30 degree C. The strings of pearls will get some sunlight in the evening. At night, my room temperature is always below 20 degree C.

I water them once every few days, when the soil is totally dry. 2 weeks after moving it into my bedroom, a new shoot standing proudly, saying hi to Totoro.

I'm sure I'll see strings and strings of pearls coming out the next few months. Can't wait!!

Day 0

Day 6 - see the cute little shoot?

Day 12

Labor Day (Day 13)
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