Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth be with You

Because coincidentally today is a replacement holiday, and because I have 2 toys awaiting in my drawer dying to celebrate May the 4th, of course I planned for something too when everyone in the Star Wars universe is excited.

First, I started with an easy one as warm up. Though totally not challenging, it is REAL fun to start my day with this.

Master Yoda had an easy win

After having some fun photo session with Master Yoda, I started the second project. First of all, this 3D puzzle is not easy, secondly, I CANNOT read Japanese! Luckily all schematic diagram is the same so I could pick up the pace after first few pieces.

Sometimes it involved finding the correct pieces, sometimes I have to roll the pieces on pen so that I could get the roundness I want, sometimes it tried to kill me with all the tiny bends holes.

Patiently(of course, “Patience you must have”), pieces by pieces, parts by parts, I built my Millennium Falcon while waiting for Han Solo and Chewie to come home :)

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