Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Master of None

I have no idea who Aziz Ansari is when I decided to watch Master of None. Now I completed watching all his shows on Netflix Malaysia.

I didn't know anything about the show either. I was expecting for a lighthearted goofy comedy, but it turns out to be more of a drama with some comedic elements. All ten episodes are basically short films of themselves, bringing largely unaddressed issues of sex and race into a mainstream comedy. 

I binged this 5 hours show in one evening! It is entertaining, and at the same time, thought-provoking to me.

If you read the synopsis, it says it follows a 30-year-old actor who has trouble making decisions, navigates life in New York City. You change the age and city, this synopsis is applicable to everyone of us. At least, it fits me well. "Jack of all trades, master of none". That's me! Approaching 40 and I still haven't figured out anything about myself, not to mention Dharma.

Dev’s dad sums up what may be the greatest blessing but also the biggest curse Dev and all of us face: “You realize fun is a new thing, right? Fun is a luxury only your generation really has!”

(One of my favorite episode, "Parents" won Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series at the 68th annual Emmy Awards.)

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薇薇 said...

Jack of all trades, master of none.

I'm definitely master of none, I have not figured what who am i too... sounds like a fitting