Saturday, September 17, 2016

Guilty Pleasure

Watching The Big Bang Theory every now and then is definitely a guilty pleasure for me.

I am still trying very hard to make sure I continue to learn new things, to grow, to be, to live a balance life. However, sometimes, I need a break.

Blame this smile!
Recently, because I am slightly more free than usual, because TBBT Season 10 is coming up real soon, because I start to follow Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik on Instagram, when I need a break, I watch The Big Bang Theory clips online.

I know. I'm hopeless sometimes. Blame Sheldon and the gang!! Mainly, blame Sheldon! Oh, and blame Jim Parsons blue eyes!!

Oh, and I definitely going to blame ShAmy, my favorite TV couple.

Amy and Sheldon relationship is not what normally people think relationships are supposed to be. Sheldon being Sheldon, taking those tiny steps, doing those small gesture, and truly believes he is in the best relationship ever. To me, that relationship is actually more intimate than anything else on TV to date.

The Evolution of ShAmy:


薇薇 said...

i haven't watched season 9!

Ying Ying 盈盈 said...

Me too. Only some clips on Youtube :p
Need to wait for En. haha!