Friday, March 29, 2013

Farewell to USA

After we left Big Bear Lake, we drove all the way to the Hollywood Sign for some typical tourist photo sessions. It was fun, but of course, nothing much to do after a few shots. So, we drove along Santa Monica Boulevard for almost an hour, crusing through the various rich and famous areas, including Bevely Hills.

When we finally reached Santa Monica, we were very glad! The sky and Pacific Ocean is still the typical-post-card-blue. This is the amazing weather that I would like to remember. This is the shades of blues that I would like to carve into my memory.

We were not really keen of going to Santa Monica Pier, but we were very responsible tourists. We know, that is the place that you must at least take some "I was here" photos.

I love Santa Monica. It is very California.

After a brief walk at seaside, we decided to do our last USA window shopping at 3rd Street Promenade.

Of course, as usual, we always ended up in restaurants. This round is the Cafe Monsieur Marcel that caught our attention.

This is a great place for people watching! The staffs are very friendly too.

Most importantly, the food was great!


Duck Confit

Argh, I can't recall the name of this beef amuse bouche

After our meal, we continue to explore the Promenade. This pedestrian only area is an shopping and dining mecca. Besides, just walking here was an interesting experience, with artists performing at the pavement and tourists/locals love them.

3rd Street Promenade in the evening

For our last hour before depart to LAX, of course, we MUST visit the Santa Monica Pier. I am not a fan, but at least I want the "been there, done that" experience :)

We didn't try any of the rides. I had enough of those through out our 3 theme parks visit. The most exciting that I have done was to take photo with the Route 66 sign, and to meet the Zoltar!! (For those that are too young to know who is Zoltar, this is the one that responsible in turning a 12-years-old into Tom Hanks in the movie Big!)

This, is how we ended our amazing 15 days road trip at South West USA!

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