Monday, March 11, 2013


I have to tell you, of all the theme parks that we visited in this trip, SeaWorld San Diego is my favorite! I was so tired of 3D or 4D or any rides after the 2 theme parks we visited earlier. At SeaWorld, we skipped all the rides, and let only the animals to entertain us. How could one not fall in love with Sea World when you have dolphins, killer whales, sea turtles, penguins, sharks, beluga whales, otters, seals etc waiting to entertain you?

Oh, and by the way, everyone loves Shamu!! Even when it means you will get splash at and get all wet! Everyone had so much fun watching the show. We even watched twice, one in the afternoon, one on the last show before the park close. Killer whales kill!! Literally tons of fun!

Before the Shamu's One Ocean show, we went to Shamu's Underwater Viewing for up close view. The sun rays formed excellent background as the whales swam elegantly and playfully. All the kids and adults are equally excited when the whale swam near to the viewing area, and I'm so sure the whales enjoyed too!

We also had great fun at the Dolphins Point too. You can actually feed and touch the bottlenose. When we were there, there were a group of 6 ~ 8 kids having their Dolphin Interaction Program. They were all in wet suits, in-water, pet the dolphins and have dolphins bring them circling the pool. I was so envy!! Why didn't I consider doing that when I planned for the trip??

So we basically watched every animal shows in the park, and visit every exhibits. We also went crazy in the shops where all the stuff animals are extra ordinary cute. I almost wanted to carry a Shamu back to Malaysia!!

Bottlenose Dolphins doing great in Blue Horizon Show

Short Finned Pilot Whales

The mysterious and shy Beluga Whales

This always remembered me of Peach

I didn't take a lot of photos during our visit at Sea World. I was too busy having fun. So most of my photos are with handphone, where I can easily show off at Facebook after I shower and have nothing to do at night :) Having said that, when writing this blog, I still find it very hard to decide which photos to post here. They are all so adorable. I almost wanted to post everything here. Hee hee! 

Anyway, we had great time and I couldn't find the appropriate photos to properly project the excitement and fun. We concluded our park visit with Shamu Rocks was a great choice. The show really rocks!

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