Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hoover Dam without Transformers

We HAVE TO visit Hoover Dam, of course it is an engineering wonder, but more importantly, we watched The Transformers :) [Who knows maybe there is actually a secret base of Sector Seven here. haha!]

We reached here late and missed the last guided tour of the dam. Since we can't tour and learn about the inside, we decided to walk around and take some photos before heading to souvenir shops for some Transformers / Hoover Dam fridge magnets.

It's a very warm evening. The sun light made it hard to take good photos, but I still love the fact that all the photos are with blue blue sky :)

I have watched documentaries about Hoover Dam before, so I could understand why the Americans are so proud of this dam. This engineering wonder was built in year 1933, and I think it is safe to say that it helped the born of the Sin City Las Vegas.

Walking near the penstock towers was fun. I couldn't help but imagine a few Transformers will land on this place any minute from now and start fighting and I couldn't help start calculating the odds of getting out of here alive :)

After a short walk around the area, we finally ended up in the souvenir shop. Both of us was SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED with the souvenir shop at Hoover Dam. The souvenirs sold are with very bad quality, and super expensive! The fridge magnets / T-shirts / mugs are all badly printed with some lousy photos of the dam. And believe it or not, I still manage to find some year 2000 magnets, still on sale!?

And of course, most importantly, we don't see a single image of Transformers. I thought it should be a good way to sell Transformers at Hoover Dam? (Well, maybe this is just some crazy ideas from a non-American-tourist)

So, even though we'd like to buy a fridge magnet at every stop, both of us decided to skip Hoover Dam. Better continue our journey to Las Vegas before it's too late (Or it is never too late to reach Las Vegas?!)

On our way out, we saw a "vista point" and hence, as usual, I MUST go there and have a look. And what a surprise, Lake Mead looks so good from here. A very good conclusion for our Hoover Dam visit :)

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