Monday, March 4, 2013

Pilgrim of an Olympic Fan

Like what I said a year back, I am a huge fan of Olympic games. I love the wonderful opportunity to look at the physical and cultural aspects of our world. I love the true meaning of to train, to commit to an activity, and healthy sense of competition. I love the diversity of our world.

In year 2011, I had the "Pilgrim" at Barcelona, where my all time favorite Summer Olympic being hosted.

In year 2012, I finally have a brief visit at the place where it begins.....

The Games of the XXIII Olympia stays forever special in my heart. It was year 1984. I was 8 years old. I knew nothing about Olympics but I decided to wake up very early to watch the opening ceremony together with my uncle, just for fun. And I was hooked to Olympics ever since. Maybe because we can remember better when we were young, or maybe because this is such an unique experience for me, I have vivid memory of the jetpack, of the pianos and choir, and of how the "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" was played (it is until I when I wrote a blog about John Williams that I noticed this was composed by him. No wonder I love this piece so much :p)

So, before I departed LA for San Diego, I purposedly drove all the way (when I said purposedly, I meant it! LA's traffic is horrible and I didn't mind the countless traffic lights along S. Western Ave just to get to this place!) to the LA Memorial Coliseum.The weather was great and I love the fact that the coliseum stands out in the pictures with my favorite California blue sky as background.

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